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15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Basil Tea

15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Basil Tea

15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Basil Tea

Basil is known for its many medicinal and healing properties. It is widely grown in India and used in several dishes and as a treatment for many ailments. It is used to prepare tea which when consumed on a regular basis helps in treating several health conditions. Here are some of the best benefits of basil tea.

Basil Tea Health Benefits:

Relieves Stress

Having at least 400 milligrams of Basil everyday helps in boosting adrenal health which helps in reducing stress. A cup of tulsi tea rejuvinates the mind and soul amazingly.

Reduces Stress

Skin Health

Basil is rich in many nutrients and anti-oxidants which is necessary for glowing and flawless skin. Tulsi tea helps in removing toxins and wastes from the body, keeps the skin free from infections and adds a natural glow.

Healthy Skin

Anti Aging

Basil tea offers anti-aging benefits. With age our body starts losing its ability to fight free radicals which is quite visible through wrinkles and fines lines. Basil helps in fighting these free radicals and slows down the onset of wrinkles and fine lines.

Prevents Aging

Hair & Scalp

Basil tea consumption reduces scalp itchiness, reduces dandruff and combats hair-fall. It adds natural shine and helps in natural hair growth. It takes care of split ends and nourishes dry hair.

Hair Fall

Weight Loss

Basil tea is a great way to lose those extra calories without starving yourself or exercising too hard. Tulsi tea helps in increasing metabolism which accelerates the fat burning process. It is the natural way to weight loss.

Weight Loss

Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes can cause immense damage to body if left untreated for long. Treatment involves control of blood sugar level in the body. Holy basil in tea helps in lowering blood sugar level effectively in a short time.


Insect Infection

Basil leaves are known to be a very effective treatment for malaria. People suffering from malaria should have basil tea for quick recovery and building immunity.

Insect Infection

Respiratory Problems

Basil is very effective in treating different respiratory problems which include bronchitis, cold, cough and even asthma. Tulsi leaves help in improving breathing and reduce frequent asthma attacks for people suffering from acute asthma.


Blood Circulation

Basil is an adaptogenic herb. It is rich in anti-stress agent. This offers help in fighting free radicals, soothing nerves and in fighting free radicals. It helps in regulating blood flow in body.

Blood Circulation

Dissolves Kidney Stones

Basil is a great detoxifier and known for its diuretic properties. Uric acid is reduced in the body which helps in improving and ensuring proper functioning of kidney cells. With its essential oils, Tulsi tea helps in slowly breaking down the kidney stones.

kidney stones


Basil tea is known to offer protection from different types of cancer. It helps in neutralizing all dangerous chemicals that cause cancerous cells formation. Basil is known to slow down progression of oral and breast cancer.


Cardiovascular Health

Basil is rich in magnesium which helps in proper functioning of blood vessels. This promotes smooth blood flow. It protects the heart from radical damage and ensures cardiovascular health.

Improves Heart Health

Digestive System

Basil tea helps in improving digestion, it ensure proper absorption and assimilation of different proteins, lipids and carbohydrates. It is an excellent digestive drink.

Treats digestive problems

Reduce Fever

Basil tea with its anti-microbial properties helps in speedy recovery from mild fever condition. It treats fever caused due to bacterial, fungus and protozoa infections.

Fights Fever

Dental Health

Basil promotes oral and dental health with its beneficial microbial properties. It helps in fighting bacteria and germs due to poor dental health. A cup of basil tea everyday ensures good oral health.

Dental Health