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15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Cactus Juice

Opuntia ficus-indica is a cactus plant also known as prickly pear. It grows mostly in the regions of Arizona, Southern California and Mexico. The stem of the cactus plant that is taken as the vegetable is called as Nopal. The cactus juice is used for many centuries in Latin and North American regions. This juice is considered as part of the staple diet for the people living in Mexico, Europe, South America, Middle East and other parts of India.

Following Are Amazing Health Benefits Of Cactus Juice:

1. Anti-inflammatory At The Joints

Cactus juice blocks the leukocyte migration that usually leads to inflammatory diseases. It helps in the relief of the pain, stiffness, soreness and inflammation due to rheumatoid arthritis [1].

Reduce inflammation

2. Maintains Healthy Gut

The growth of good bacteria in the gut is aided by cactus juice. It helps as a detoxifier in the treatment of diverticulitis and colitis. The juice clears the inflammation in the gallstone cases and in urinary bladder infections [2].


3. Improves Immune System

Cactus juice taken regularly will exclude the harmful viruses from the body. This will strengthen the immune system. Phytochemicals in cactus heals tumors and enhances the immune response in the body [3].

Improves Your Immune System

4. Relief From Menstrual Cramps

Cactus juice is helpful in bringing relief from the menstrual cramps and abdominal pain in the women. It also controls nausea [4].

Stomach Problems

5. Reduces Ldl Cholesterol Levels

About 30 percent reduction in LDL cholesterol levels can be observed by the regular intake of soluble fibers in the cactus juice. It also decreases fat oxidation and prevents atherosclerosis [5].

Reduces Bad Cholesterol

6. Ceases Cancer Occurrence

Cactus juice is known to have chemicals such as betalaine antioxidants that aid in blocking the growth of cancer cells and keeps away cancer onset. It can be used as part of chemotherapy or an alternative to chemotherapy [6].


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7. Prevents Free-radical Damage

The overall body defense system can be improved by drinking cactus juice with fruits that are rich in vitamin C. Betalaine in the juice eliminates free-radicals from the body. Regular consumption of the juice will reduce the risk of diseases that are age related [7].

Free Radical Damage

8. Antidote For Skin Problems

Cactus juice is known to be helpful in naturally treating the skin rashes, sores and scabs [8].

Skin Problems

9. Antidote For Hangover

In a research study, it was shown that people who drank cactus juice before taking alcohol could lower 50 percent chances of hangover experience. The symptoms of hangover like nausea, appetite loss and dry mouth also can be reduced by cactus juice [9].


10. Regulates Type2 Diabetes

The blood sugar levels are maintained properly by regular intake of cactus juice. The sugar absorption by the body is lowered by the soluble fiber called pectin available in the juice. Care must be taken to prevent hypoglycemia [10].


11. Reduce Stress

Cactus juice is found to have similar function as that of a cortisone hormone. It helps in reducing stress. Several smokers were found to have given up smoking after taking this juice regularly [11].

Reduces Stress

12. Cleans The Intestinal Tract

Cactus juice is found to be helpful in handling intestinal disorders. It is beneficial in resolving diarrhea, gas and constipation. The mucus and wastes that are collected in the intestinal tract are eliminated with cactus juice. It works as intestinal cleanser [12].

gastric probems

13. Rich In Nutrients

Cactus juice is rich in folates, vitamin C, K, and A. It is also rich in calcium, phosphorus and other minerals. It is rich in electrolytes and phytonutrients like alpha and beta carotene and lutein zea-xanthin [13].

14. Nutritional Value

One cup of cactus juice consists of 0.1gms of fat, 2.9gms of carbohydrates, 1.9gms of fiber, 1gm of sugar, 1.1gms of protein, 4.3gms of omega-3-fattyacids, and 37.8mg of omega-6-fattyacids [14].

Nutritional Value

14. No Established Side Effects

No unpleasant or harmful side effects were observed during the use of cactus juice. Although, it is said that nothing has to be consumed in too high quantities, no side effects are established for this juice.

consume cactus juice