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15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Horse Chestnuts

15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Horse Chestnuts

The scientific name of horse chestnut is Aesculus hippocastanum and it has originated in the Balkan Peninsula. The horse chestnut tree is also known as conker tree. It is mainly cultivated in the Northern hemisphere. The nuts are present inside the dark leathery fruit. Once the fruit dries the nuts are released. Horse chestnuts should not be eaten raw as they contain a poison called esculin. The seeds, bark, flowers etc of horse chestnuts all have therapeutic uses. Mentioned below are some of the amazing benefits of horse chestnuts.

Useful Against Varicose Veins

Horse chestnuts are useful in treating varicose veins. They are particularly useful in giving relief from the pain and the inflammation and also help in improving the circulation.

varicose veins

Useful Against Arthritis

Since horse chestnuts have anti inflammatory properties they are widely used in the treatment of arthritis. They give relief from the muscle pain and also the pain in the joints.

Cures arthritis

Prevents The Premature Ageing Of Skin

Horse chestnuts have compounds such as flavanoids which help in preventing premature ageing of skin and helps in keeping the skin young and beautiful for a longer time.

Prevents Aging

Useful Against Leg Ulcers And Frostbite

The anti inflammatory properties of horse chestnut come handy in treating leg ulcers and frostbite. In these cases they can be used as an ointment for external application.

leg ulcers

Useful Against Hemorrhoids

Horse chestnuts have astringent action and hence can be used to get relief from hemorrhoids.The compound aescin is useful against hemorrhoids.

Horse Chestnut

Improves Male Fertility

Horse chestnuts are found to be useful in improving male fertility. They are found to increase the density of the sperms.

Male Fertility

Useful Against Cancer

It is believed that horse chestnut is useful in the treatment of cancer as they eliminate carcinogenic cells and also help against tumors.


Useful Against Chest Pains

The root has analgesic properties .Therefore the powdered root is used in the treatment of chest pains.


Useful In Reducing Edema

Horse chestnut can be used to reduce fluid retention that is edema especially the one that is caused due to trauma or sports injury.


Useful For Respiratory Tract

The seeds of horse chestnut are useful for the respiratory tract as they can be used as decongestants and expectorants.


Useful For The Digestive System

The seed of horse chestnut is useful for the digestive system and has been found to be useful in the treatment of diarrhea.


Gives Relief From Leg Cramps

Horse chestnut is found to improve blood circulation and elasticity of blood vessels and thus helps in giving relief from leg cramping.

leg cramps

Useful Against Phlebitis

Since horse chestnut is useful in improving circulation it is also used in giving relief from phlebitis that is the problem of swollen veins.


Useful Against Skin Infections

It is believed that the horse chestnut leaf is useful in the treatment of skin infections particularly eczema.

Helps In Fighting Fungal Infections

Good For Women

The extract of horse chestnut leaf is useful in the treatment of menstrual pain and hence it is useful for women.

Energy Levels

Thus we can see that horse chestnut has a number of uses but it needs to be administered under the guidance of a qualified medical professional.