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15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Lettuce

15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Lettuce

15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Lettuce

Lettuce is a leafy salad vegetable that people like to eat as salad. The leaves of lettuce are very delicate and it is mixed with salad and hamburgers. Some people like to make smoothie with it. It is used raw without cooking it. Iceberg and Romaine are the popular varieties of lettuce. The Romaine lettuce is better than the iceberg variety as it has higher amounts of nutrients. There are several other varieties of lettuce found in different parts of the world. The salad vegetable is very good for health as it is rich in nutrients that nourish the body. It has important nutrients like protein, vitamins, Iron and omega 3 fats. Lettuce has a sweet taste. We will discuss some benefits of lettuce.

Following Are The 15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Lettuce:

For Eyes

Lettuce is very healthy food for eyes as it helps in improving the vision. It contains high amounts of beta-carotene, which makes the eyes healthy while preventing many types of eye disorders. Eating lettuce can help in preventing macular degeneration of eyes. It is also useful for the prevention of cataract. You can make your vision strong by eating lettuce regularly.

Healthy Eyes

For Weight Loss

Lettuce is an excellent weight loss food for people who are obese and overweight. If you are struggling with weight problems, you can reduce your body weight by eating lettuce. It has very less calories and sugar. The salad does not contain much fat so it controls obesity. It is rich in fiber so it makes you feel full. It is good for digestion also. You can lose weight very easily by including lettuce in your diet.

Weight Loss

For Insomnia

Lettuce is a healthy food for people who are unable to sleep due to insomnia. The salad vegetable contains lactucarium, an ingredient that helps in inducing sleep. Therefore, it will help you in getting good sleep. Add lettuce in your salad. You can also have its juice.


For Skin

Stress, pollution and poor diet are the causes of many skin problems. Eating lettuce helps in preventing and curing these problems. It has many nutrients that improve the health of skin and make it disease free. Lettuce has many skin friendly vitamins like Vitamin A, E and C. It helps in curing skin problems due to sun exposure. The salad protects the skin from harmful effects of aging. It helps in boosting production of collagen, which keeps the skin healthy and supple.

Healthy Skin

For Anemia

Lettuce can help in preventing and treating anemia. It contains Iron, which helps anemia patients in overcoming their disease. Iron helps in increased production of blood and transport of nutrients and oxygen in the body.

Fights Anemia

For Detoxification

Lettuce is a natural remedy for detoxification of the body. It contains high amounts of nutrients that help in purifying the body by flushing out harmful toxins. It contains water also, which helps in eliminating the toxins.


For Diabetes

People who have diabetes can eat lettuce for controlling the disease. It has very less amount of calories in it and it can be very beneficial for diabetic patients. Lettuce is an excellent anti-diabetic super food since its glycemic index is zero. Eating low glycemic index foods is the best option for diabetic people. These foods control blood sugar by reducing body weight also.


For Bones

If you want to improve the health of your bones, you can start eating lettuce. Lettuce is a rich source of calcium, a nutrient required for making the bones healthy. The salad vegetable helps in preventing bone diseases. Mix lettuce with papaya and orange and eat it.


For Allergy

Romaine lettuce has anti-allergy properties. It contains folate, which helps in preventing and curing symptoms of allergy. Therefore, it is a very healthy food option for asthma patients. It can help in curing wheezing and many other problems caused by allergy. Lettuce has hypoallergenic properties and this makes it an excellent food choice for patients suffering from allergy.

Relief From Allergy

For Heart Disease

Lettuce helps in preventing and curing heart disease. It has nutrients like potassium that prevent the blood pressure from rising. It contains fiber, which helps in improving blood circulation in the heart. Lettuce contains Vitamin C, which is a heart friendly vitamin. It contains another healthy nutrient for heart beta-carotene. These nutrients prevent deposition of plaque in the heart. The salad contains Vitamin K, which prevents atherosclerosis. Therefore, eating lettuce can improve the health of your heart.

Heart Ailments

For Anti-Aging

Lettuce has anti-aging properties, which helps in preventing and curing problems caused by premature aging. The salad is rich in a nutrient known as zeaxanthin, which is an antioxidant nutrient. The problems caused by aging can be solved by eating lettuce.

Prevents Aging

For Immunity

The free radicals in our body make the immunity very weak. Lettuce has many minerals that protect the body from free radicals. The nutrients of lettuce help in fighting infections. It makes our immune system very healthy and strong. Lettuce is a rich source of minerals like manganese and potassium. It has some other minerals also that improve the immunity.


For Acid Alkaline Balance

When the acid alkaline balance gets disturbed, it leads to several types of diseases and health problems. Eating lettuce helps in preventing this problem. It helps in keeping the acid alkaline under control. Lettuce is an alkaline vegetable that improves health.

Acid Alkaline Balance

For Pregnant Women

Fresh lettuce is an excellent food for pregnant women. It improves the health. Lettuce is rich in folate, which helps in preventing defects in fetus developing in the womb. Therefore, the salad helps in having a healthy pregnancy with good development of unborn child.

For Pregnant Women

For Hair

Lettuce is a very healthy food for hair. It has nutrients that help in making the hair healthy. The hair-friendly minerals present in lettuce include sulfur and silicon. The salad is a rich source of another healthy mineral for hair phosphorus. Taking lettuce juice helps the hair in growing very fast. It is a tonic for hair roots. The nutrients present in lettuce help in preventing hair loss.

Hair Straightening