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15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Mussels

15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Mussels

15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Mussels

A species of seafood under the category of mollusk known as mussels are very beneficial for our health. It can be found in both fresh water and sea water. Regular consumption of this sea creature can provide us with lots of advantages. It has various nutrients which is essential for our health. This sea food is very famous in European continents. It can be eaten fried, steam boiled or baked.

Let’s Look Into The Numerous Qualities Of Mussels:

Aids In Lowering Bad Cholesterol:

This sea food is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which can eliminate the bad cholesterol from our body. It is especially helpful in maintaining a healthy heart. Mussels are great in preventing the accumulation of fats in arterial walls which can lead to heart attacks.

Lowers Cholesterol Levels

Anti-inflammatory Property:

Some people are prone to allergies and skin problems. Having mussels frequently can cure this problem. It has anti-inflammatory quality which can strengthen the skin cells from redness and irritations.

Reduce inflammation

Increases Metabolic Rate And Energy:

Mussels are famous for its protein content. This property helps to sustain the shape of the cells. In addition to this, protein also helps to produce more energy as a result of multiplied metabolic activities in the body. Overall, healthy cells and metabolism keeps our health in perfect condition.

Energy Levels

Strong Immune System:

Sufficient Vitamin A is available in mussels which can intensify and strengthen our immune system. Lack of this vitamin can make us weak and susceptible to more diseases as a result of weak body resistance. Include mussels in your diet habitually to fight against unwanted illness.

Immune System

Avoiding Thyroid Problems:

The abundance of a compound called selenium in mussels is necessary to control the secretion of thyroid hormones. Selenium is needed for generating an enzyme called seleno-proteins which is the controller of thyroid glands. This helps to prevent thyroid problems in our body.


Beneficial For The Eyes:

This sea food is also useful to the eyes. The vitamin A content helps to nourish and rejuvenate the eyes. Our vision can become clearer and sharper. People wearing spectacles should consume more mussels to improve their eye sight. At the same time it can prevent night-blindness. Consume more mussels to obtain healthy eyes.


Aids In Burning Calories:

Regular Intake of mussels is also useful for people working hard to get fit. It contains high percentage of iodine which can burn the unwanted calories in our body. Furthermore, iodine helps to increase metabolism by regulating thyroid hormones which also aids in eradicating more fats and calories.

Weight Loss

More Red Blood Cells:

Many of us are lacking in haemoglobin or red blood cells. If the blood count gets low, we can experience some mild problems like lethargy and giddiness. Mussels can solve this problem. The high vitamin A content aids in the production of new red blood cells. These new cells can refresh our system and hence giving us more energy.

More Red Blood Cells

Wards Off Anaemia:

In addition to the high content of vitamin A, mussels are also rich in iron. There two minerals work together in the formation of red blood cells. As a result, increased intake of mussels can get rid of diseases like anaemia and other blood infections.


Healthy Flow Of Blood:

By increasing the red blood cells and unblocking the congested arteries, this sea food helps in the smooth flow of blood throughout the body. This improved blood flow ensures proper functioning of vital organs which is crucial for a healthy body.

 Blood Circulation

Prevents Wheezing And Asthma:

Asthma and wheezing are inter-related problems which occur mainly due to inflammation of skin lining the windpipes due to dust particles. The high zinc content in mussels can prevent inflammation of skin and hence possess the ability to cure asthma problems gradually.


Can Heal Joint Pains:

Certain nutrients in mussels like glyco-aminoglycans and iron is valuable for people suffering from joint pains. These compounds can heal joint pains gradually. Eat more mussels to get relief from this problem. It can also reduce joint inflexibility.

joint pain

Sustains Youthful Glow:

Research has shown that sea food in general are great in refreshing our skin cells. This is especially true for mussels. This sea animal has plentiful zinc and omega-3 fatty acids which can regenerate the skin by making it softer and smoother. Zinc also has the power to prevent inflammation of skin. Frequent consumption of mussels can reduce ageing symptoms significantly.

Healthy Skin

Strengthens The Teeth:

The mixture of nutrients in mussels is powerful in toughening the adjoining tissues and muscles holding the teeth. It can fortify the jaw bone as well as the bones surrounding the teeth.

Strength Teeth Naturally

Decreases Anxiety:

As said earlier, mussels can help in the proper flow of blood in the nerves. This is helpful for people suffering from anxiety and palpitation. A smooth course of blood movement can reduce palpitation radically.

Relieves Anxiety

Include mussels in your meals to gain all these benefits and lead a healthy lifestyle.