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15 Amazing Things You Should Know About Corn

15 Amazing Things You Should Know About Corn

15 Amazing Things You Should Know About Corn

Corn is a very healthy cereal and it is a chief crop of countries like USA and Africa. Corn kernels are used as food and it is very nutritious. Sweet corn is a type of corn that has very high amount of sugar but it is very low in starch content. Corn is very beneficial for health as it helps in controlling many health problems and diseases. The food is not good for people who are trying to lose weight. Such people should avoid corn. Corn is a popular food in many countries that have adopted it as the main diet. We will tell you about some facts and amazing things related to this food.

Following Are The 5 Amazing Thing You Should Know About Corn:

Used In Adhesives

Very few people know that corn is used for purposes other than food. It is an important ingredient of adhesives. Plywood glue is made with corn. The food is also used for making gluesticks. Corn flour is an ingredient of many types of glue used for sticking paper and other objects.

Used In Adhesives

Rich In Nutrients

Corn contains high nutrient content, which makes it a healthy food for us. It is rich in vitamins and minerals that help in improving our health. Corn has Vitamin B and E. It contains minerals like zinc, magnesium and phosphorus. It contains folic acid also.

Rich In Nutrients

Causes Allergy

Although corn is a healthy food for most of us, it can cause allergy to some people. People who have corn allergy should avoid bacon and sausage that contains corn. Citric acid contains corn so avoid juices that have it. You should avoid condiments and pickles made with distilled vinegar, which contains corn.

Relief From Allergy

Available In Many Colors

You may know about the yellow corn. The corn is available in many colors in different parts of the world. There are green, red and blue corns also. Purple and grey corn can be found in Mexico. You will also find corns that are white and black colored. Don’t be surprised when you find the pink corn.

Available In Many Colors

Used In Many Recipes

People use corn for making many types of dishes and food items. It is used for making shrimp salad, tomato salad and Quinoa salad. Mexican recipes use a lot of corn. Mexican street corn, tortilla, corn salad and corn dip are some delicious recipes made with corn. You can also make cheesy casserole, chicken enchiladas and bacon dip with corn.

corn salad

Used For Making Bread

Do you know that apart from the above dishes, corn is also used for making bread? The bread is known as cornbread and it is after mixing cornmeal with baking powder. The mixture is baked in an oven and this is how we get the cornbread. Corn pone is bread that is not baked in an oven. It is cooked on fire in a pan made of Iron.

Making Bread

Used In Cosmetics

Women are very fond of using cosmetics bought from the market. It is surprising to know that many of the cosmetics we use contain corn in it. The corn used in cosmetics is known as “zea mays.” The food is an ingredient of lipsticks, skin and hair products. Many types of eye makeup products contain corn.

Halloween Candy Corn

Halloween is a popular festival of USA. Candy corn is eaten during this festival. It is a type of candy made with corn. The candy is made by Jelly Belly, which are the manufacturers of jelly beans. Some types of candy corn are vegetarian while some are non vegetarian. Eating candy corn can lead to tooth decay due to its high sugar content.

Halloween Candy Corn

Cures Constipation

Many people have difficulty in having bowel movements due to constipation. This problem can be solved by eating corn. Eating fibrous foods is very beneficial in constipation. Corn contains fiber, which helps in curing constipation. It helps in having smooth and pain free bowel movements.


Cures Piles

Hemorrhoids or piles are a condition in which there is swelling and inflammation in the area inside anus. It causes bleeding from the rectum. Eating corn can help in preventing and treating this condition. The fiber present in corn is useful for the prevention of hemorrhoids.


Aids Weight Gain

People who are underweight should start eating corn. The food contains very high calories, which causes rapid weight gain. Eating corn is often advised to malnourished and skinny people who wish to increase their body weight. Since corn increases weight, obese people should avoid it.

Weight Gain

Improves Heart Health

You can improve the health of heart by eating corn. The food helps in controlling the cholesterol levels, thus helping in preventing heart problems. It can stop the formation of bad cholesterol, which prevents blockage of arteries. Therefore, eating corn can protect you from heart disease while preventing the risk of heart attack.

Heart Ailments

Improves Digestion

Corn is very good for improving the health of our digestive system. It contains insoluble fiber, which increases the quantity of good bacteria that are present in the digestive tract and intestine. The good bacteria help in digesting the food. Therefore, corn can protect you from digestive disorders.

Aids Digestion

Bad For Diabetics

Diabetes patients are advised not to eat corn kernels. Corn syrup made from corn contains high amounts of fruit sugar fructose. The syrup is not good for health. It creates a feeling of hunger by blocking brain chemicals responsible for sending signals of fullness. It causes overeating and weight gain. High glucose foods like corn syrup are not for diabetics as they increase the blood sugar very fast.


Improves Colon Health

Corn has lot of fiber, which improves the health of colon. It makes the colon disease free. Corn can improve your digestion. Eating whole grain foods helps in preventing colon cancer. Therefore, eating corn can protect you from colon cancer.

Stomach Ulcers