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15 Astounding Health Benefits Of Tiger Nuts

15 Astounding Health Benefits Of Tiger Nuts

The word tiger nuts would make you think that it is some variety of nuts but actually it is a tuber found in West Africa. The scientific name is Cyperus Esculentus and it is also known as Zulu nut or chufa. They are available in yellow and brown varieties and both the varieties are edible. It is also a store house of heart healthy oils. It has immense health benefits.

Mentioned Below Are The Health Benefits Of Tiger Nuts:

Helps Control Blood Pressure

Tiger Nuts have an amino acid called arginine which helps in promoting normal blood flow and prevents the constriction of blood vessels and thus helps in maintaining normal blood pressure.

Blood Pressure

Useful For Diabetics

Tiger nuts have a high fiber content which helps control the blood sugar levels. They prevent the sudden rise in the blood glucose levels and hence it is useful for diabetics.


Good For The Bones

Tiger nuts have a very high magnesium content which helps in strengthening the bones. It is also rich in potassium which too is essential for bone health and prevents the occurrence of osteoporosis in women. Thus tiger nuts are very useful in maintaining healthy bones.

Healthy Bones

Good For The Digestive System

Tiger nuts have a high amount of dietary fiber which is good for the digestive system. It helps in digestion and prevents the occurrence of constipation and helps regulate bowel movement.

Treats digestive problems

Aids In Weight Loss

The high fiber content helps to keep the stomach full for a longer time thus keeping hunger pangs at bay. Therefore it is very useful in weight loss.

Weight Loss

Good For The Heart

Tiger nuts are a rich source of vitamin E which protects the body against harmful free radicals. Vitamin E along with oleic acid helps prevent heart diseases.


Boosts Fertility In Men And Women

Tiger nuts provide a very high amount of vitamin E which is found to be very useful in boosting fertility in men and women. Tiger nuts are considered to help in treating erectile dysfunction in men.


Stress Reliever

Tiger nuts provide large amounts of vitamin B1 which is very good for the central nervous system and it helps cope up with stress.

Reduces Stress

Good For The Skin

The large amount of vitamin E in tiger nuts helps prevent wrinkles and premature ageing of skin and helps to keep the skin young and healthy.

Healthy Skin

Improves The Immune Power

Tiger nuts have very high concentration of antioxidants as they have water soluble flavanoid glycosides.They thus help improve the immune power of the body especially in the under developed countries where malnutrition is a major problem.

Immune System

Good For The Urinary And Excretory Tract

Tiger nuts promote urine formation and therefore are useful against cysts, hernia and rectum deformation.

Urinary Tract Infection

Good Source Of Proteins For Vegetarians

Tiger nuts have very high protein content as compared to even wheat and hence they are considered to be a very good source of proteins for those who do not consume meat.

tiger nut

Good For People Having Lactose Intolerance

It is possible to extract milk from tiger nuts at home itself. This milk from tiger nuts is high in calcium content but does not have lactose and hence is a good option for those who are suffering from lactose intolerance.

tiger nuts 2

Useful Against Cancer

Since tiger nuts are a rich source of antioxidants and fight free radicals it is believed that they may be useful in fighting cancer by preventing the formation of carcinogenic cells.

Fights Cancer

Helps Control Cholesterol

The large amount of dietary fiber is found to reduce the bad cholesterol in the body and helps maintain the levels of good cholesterol.

Reduces Cholesterol
Tiger nuts are thus very useful for the overall health of the body. In fact they are so high in nutrition content that they are considered to be a very good option to fight malnutrition in the underdeveloped countries.