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15 Awesome Facts About Lemons You Should Know

15 Awesome Facts About Lemons You Should Know

15 Awesome Facts About Lemons You Should Know

Lemon is a very healthy citrus fruit that contains high amounts of Vitamin C and many other nutrients. People add lemon to many foods like cocktails and chicken. It is eaten as a salad. Drinking warm lemon drink early in the morning is very beneficial for health. Lemon is very good for our health. The fruit can help in preventing many diseases and health problems. It has nutrients that make skin and hair healthy and disease free. It is very good for your nails too. Lemon is used in many beauty remedies. We will give you some more information and facts about lemons.

Following Are The 15 Awesome Facts About Lemons You Should Know:

Acne And Blackheads

Lemon is useful for healing acne. It has antiseptic properties, which cures the pimples. For this, you need to cut lemon into half and rub it on acne affected areas of skin. Lemon can cure blackheads also. Mix honey with lemon juice. Apply over blackheads. Wash the skin after five minutes.

Heals Acne

Corns And Calluses

Many people suffer from corns and calluses. This problem can be treated very effectively by using lemon. Put lemon piece on affected area and wrap a bandage over it. Do this before sleeping at night while leaving the lemon on corn and callus overnight. Applying lemon essential oil also helps a lot.

Corns And Calluses

Canker Sores

Lemons can be used for curing canker sores. It has antiseptic properties, which helps in curing the sores. Add lemon juice to lukewarm water. Use the liquid for rinsing the mouth thrice daily. It will heal the canker sore problem.

Canker Sores

Skin Whitening

Many people have the dark skin and wish to have fair skin. Lemon can help in this task. It can give you fair skin due to its bleaching properties. Lemon juice makes the skin fair and light in color. It removes darkness of skin.

Healthy Skin

Chapped Lips

Lemon can make your lips healthy. It helps in healing the problem of chapped lips. Cut lemon into two halves. Rub the lemon on lips. Do this remedy before sleeping at night while leaving the lemon juice on lips overnight. Wash the lips when you wake up next day. It will cure chapped lips.

Chapped Lips

Teeth Whitening

Lemon juice is an effective remedy for whitening the teeth. You can use it for getting rid of yellow stains on the teeth. For this, you need to mix the juice with little amount of baking soda. Mix both ingredients well and apply on teeth. Rinse the mouth with water after one minute. This remedy will whiten the teeth.

Strength Teeth Naturally

Oily Skin

People who have oily skin can improve their skin condition by using lemon. Dip cotton in lemon juice. Apply on face. Do the remedy before sleeping at night. Wash the face when you wake up next day. It will remove extra oil from the skin and reduce shine in it.

Oily Skin

Body Cleansing

You can use lemon juice for cleansing the body. Mix it with yogurt. Add few drops of lavender oil to it. Apply the mixture on your body. Rub the skin and do massage. Wait for few minutes and then you can wash the skin. It will clean the skin and remove dirt from it. This is a natural moisturizer for the skin.

Body Cleansing

Strong Nails

Lemon juice is very good for the nails. Mix it with olive oil. Apply on your nails for some time. Wash the nails after that. This remedy will make the nails very strong and healthy. It is an effective cure for brittle nails that break easily. It cures yellow nails and makes them white and clean.

Nail Hygiene

Dark Elbows And Knees

Many of us have dark elbows and knees. The skin of these body parts becomes dark due to several reasons. Lemon has bleaching properties, which cures darkness of elbows and knees and makes it light in color. For this, you need to cut lemon into two pieces and rub it on skin of elbows and knees.

Dark Elbows And Knees

Bad Breath

Halitosis is a condition in which a person has bad breath. The affected person emits a foul odor due to this. Lemon juice helps in curing this problem. Mix it with lukewarm water. Use the water for rinsing the mouth. It will cure bad breath. Chew lemon after you eat food.

bad breath

Skin Infections

Many people have skin problems and infections due to various reasons. Lemon helps in solving this problem. Since it has anti-inflammatory properties, you can use it for curing skin problems. Lemon helps in healing skin infections like eczema.

Treats Skin Problems

Soft And Healthy Hair

It is possible to get soft and beautiful hair with the help of lemons. For this, you need to add lemon juice to the conditioner you use after shampooing your hair. Apply conditioner on hair. Go out in the sun. You can wash the hair after some time. Do this remedy one time in seven days. It makes the hair soft.

Hair Straightening

Dandruff And Scalp Problems

Many of us suffer from hair problems like dandruff. Lemon juice can treat this problem very nicely. Mix it with coconut oil and honey. If you want better results, you can add olive oil also. Apply the mixture on you scalp and do massage. It will help in curing dandruff. It makes the scalp healthy while curing the problem of dry scalp.

Treats Dandruff

Esophagus Cancer

You can prevent cancer of esophagus by including lemon in your diet. The citrus fruit contains high amounts of a nutrient called flavones, which have anti-cancerous properties. It is very effective in preventing esophagus cancer.