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15 Benefits And Uses Of Mango Seeds

 Benefits And Uses Of Mango Seeds

You are not going to throw away those mangoes seeds once you read this! Mango seeds, which are often discarded after consumption of the fleshy part, are loaded with immense beneficial nutrients. Once these seeds are completely dry, they are powdered for use in a variety of ways. Here are some of the best benefits and uses of mango seeds!

Uses And Benefits Of Mango Seeds:

1. Dandruff

Mango seeds help in getting rid of dandruff. You need mango seed butter and apply this on your hair for dandruff treatment.

Treats Dandruff

2. Female Reproductive Health

Mango seeds help in curing a number of women’s reproductive health problems. You need a teaspoon of mango seeds paste and apply it inside the vagina. It takes care of problems like vaginitis and leucorrhea. It helps in relaxing vaginal walls after multiple pregnancies.

Female Reproductive Health

3. Dental Health

Tooth powder prepared using mango seeds is good for your teeth. You need a little bit of the powder, take it in your palm, moisten it and dip your brush before brushing. It keeps teeth healthy, prevents cavity and ensures enamel health.

Dental Health

4. Throat Gargle

Mango seed powder is very effective in treating throat inflammation and cough. It is also used as a home remedy for diphtheria. You can add a few drops of mango seeds powder in lukewarm water and use it to gargle.

cough and congestion

5. Diarrhea

People suffering from diarrhea or severe dysentery should have powdered mango seeds at least thrice a day for relief. This can be consumed in doses of 2-3 grams with pure honey as medicine.


6. Bee Or Scorpion Bite

Apply mango seed powder paste with fresh raw mango juice ( one which oozes when plucking the fruit) on the skin affected by bee or scorpion bite. It offers immediate pain relief .

insect bite

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7. Weight Loss

Mango seeds extract help people in losing weight, improve blood circulation and helps in flushing out toxins from the body. Just have approx 2gm of mango seeds extract mixed in a glass of warm water with a few drops of lemon juice every morning.

Weight Loss

8. Hair Loss

Mix some mustard oil in mango seeds before you prepare the paste. Let this dry in the sun. This mixture helps in treating alopecia, dandruff, hair loss and premature greying.

Prevents Hair Loss

9. Scurvy Treatment

Mango seeds powder help in treating scurvy. Amchur or mango seeds powder is richly loaded with vitamin C . To prepare the solution, you need to mix two part of jaggery lime with one part of amchur and consume.


10. Cholesterol

Mango seeds help in boosting blood circulation. This helps in reducing bad cholesterol levels. This helps in lowering blood sugar level and also C reactive protein levels. People suffering from cholesterol should include amchur powder in their regular diet.

Reduces Bad Cholesterol

11. Heart Health

Mango seeds can be consumed moderately for minimizing all risks associated with cardiovascular diseases along with hypertension. The nervous system is well connected by blood vessels and heart. Having mango seeds or amchur moderately assures cardiovascular diseases are reduced.

Reduces The Risk Of Heart Disease

12. Improves Digestion

Dry mango seeds is effective in fighting acidity. It improves digestion. It is rich in phenols and phenolic compounds which are known for being a good antioxidant. They help in improving digestion.


13. Skin Moisturizing

Mango seed butter works wonders for dry skin. People suffering from dry or chapped skin should apply this smooth butter on the face or the affected area, especially in the sensitive areas like cheeks and eyes.

Healthy Skin

14. Poultry Food

Mango seed kernels can also be used as food for poultry. Just soak and dry these seeds, keeping just 10% of their total moisture content. These kernels can then be fed to cattle and poultry, offering them good nutrition.

15. Recipes

Dried mango powder enhances tastes and flavors of many delicious foods, especially snacks. There are several recipes which are incomplete without a generous sprinkle of dried mango powder which include Indian curry recipes, cutlets, kebabs, chaat recipes, masala drinks, deep fried chops and several other dishes.