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15 Benefits Of Basil That You Should Know


Holy Basil (botanical name: Ocimum sanctum), is worshipped as a goddess in our country, and I need not mention the faith our great grandfathers and grandmothers had in this age old herb.

Here I Am Listing The Top 15 Reasons Why We Should Consume Holy Basil In Our Daily Diet.

As An Anti-oxidant 

Basil contains flavonoids like orientin and eugenol; which account for its anti-oxidant properties. It is good for all body organs. It protects the body organs like heart, liver, kidney, lungs etc. from the effect of free radicals.


Basil Prevents Cardio-vascular Diseases

Besides its anti-oxidant effect on the heart, basil is also a low sodium containing herb. And any low sodium compound will always be good for heart. It reduces blood pressure and blood cholesterol. Basil is used in Mexican and Italian food as a spice and renders a wonderful smell and taste as well.


Effective In Fighting Cancer

In 2010, Holy Basil entered US labs. Indian scientists working on Indian herbs in the US found out that basil extracts contain a compound eugenol which is effective in fighting cancer. Basil is also a storehouse of vitamins; it contains vitamin A, C and E which help in preventing cancer in one or the other way. Generally, oil is prepared from the seeds of holy basil which has been effective in treatment of cancer.


Have Anti-diabetic Properties

Basil contains certain essential oils which aid in lowering blood glucose levels. This is the reason why basil is a component of many herbal and ayurvedic medicines for diabetes. Researches are going on all around the world to find out the exact compounds of basil which owe to its anti-diabetic properties.


As A Water Purifier

If 5-6 basil leaves, are added to water and the water left for 2-3 hours, the basil leaves detoxify the water of all harmful bacteria and micro-organisms. The volatile chemicals present in basil leaves have a deleterious effect on micro-organisms. Basil can be added to water bottles of school going children. It can also be added to bottles kept in refrigerator owing to its anti-microbial effects on water.

Basil Leaves

Effective In Disorders Related To Respiratory System

Many ayurvedic cough syrups contain basil extract (prepared from its leaves and roots) as the main constituent. Basil extract is effective in cough, cold, bronchitis, asthma, influenza, pneumonia and flu.

Respiratory System

As A Mouth Freshener

Dried basil leaves are used by many herbal product manufacturing companies in their tooth pastes and tooth powders. Researchers at Rajasthan University, India have found out that adding basil to water removes fluoride impurities from it. Not only this, it has also proved to be a cure for dental fluorosis.

Mouth Freshener

Basil Provides Relief Against Many Skin Ailments

If eaten raw, basil leaves help in purifying blood, thus, give a healthy and glowing skin. Basil leaves have also been found to be effective in certain ringworm infections as well.


Basil Relieves Damaged Nervous System

Since times immemorial, basil tea has been used in Indian homes as a treatment for headache. It’s extract has a stimulating effect on nerves and is also effective in treatment of migraine. nervous system

Has An Anti-inflammatory Property

Again the anti-oxidative properties of basil owe to its anti-inflammatory effects in the human body.  Inflammation in joints, commonly known as arthritis can be cured by using basil leaf extract in daily diet.


Basil As An Anti-fertility Agent

Leaves of basil contain a compound called as ursolic acid. This ursolic acid has been tested in mice as an anti-fertility agent. More important is the fact that basil has no side-effects at all.

As An Anti-stress Agent

Holy basil decreases cortisone levels in blood, by acting on its signal pathway. This cortisone is a hormone whose level is increased in our body under conditions of extreme stress. Basil is an adaptogen which basically acts on our adrenal gland to combat stress.


Anti-malarial Effects Of Basil

Basil contain essential oils. These oils inhibit the growth of larva of Culex mosquito; thus, have found to be effective in malaria cure.


Effective In kidney Stones

Since basil is a detoxifier; it lowers the level of uric acid in the kidney. Uric acid is the main component of kidney stones. Thus, it acts as an effective medicine in kidney stones.

Kidney stones

Protects From Harmful Radiation

DRDO studies have revealed that basil reduces chromosomal damage caused by radiations. These effects are due to the presence of flavonoids in Basil. The main flavonoids which induce this protection from radiations are Vicenin and Orientin.


Written by Dr. Maryada Garg

I am a biotechnologist, and working on any topic related to life sciences is my passion. I love reading books in my spare time, and that is the reason I have a store house of information in my brain always, which I want to share with everyone. Writing these articles fills up my quest.

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