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15 Amazing Benefits Of Black Cardamom For Skin Hair And Health

Benefits Of Black Cardamom

Cardamom is one of the most important spices which is widely popular by the name of “Queen of spices” among the kitchen queens. Cardamom is found in two main varieties viz black cardamom and green cardamom. Black cardamom is the most important species of cardamom family which is highly preferred for cooking purposes by women in the kitchen due to its powerful flavor and ultimate taste. In fact, the oil extracted from seeds of black cardamom is of great use in aromatherapy and offers numbers of benefits to skin, hair and health of its consumer. Following are the amazing benefits of black cardamom that will definitely make you feel amazed:-

Health Benefits Of Black Cardamom

Black cardamom offers uncountable health benefits. Some of them are:

Improves Gastro Intestinal Health:-

Black cardamom is too good for improving gastro intestinal health of its consumer.  In fact, it can stimulate the intestinal and gastric glands thereby creating a positive impact on gastro intestinal glands with its superb properties. Problems related with gastro intestinal tract like gastric and heartburn can be easily treated with regular consumption of black cardamom in any form. It plays a very important in regulating the juice secretion procedure inside the stomach which in turn results in lowering chances of any digestive disorder including gastric ulcers too.

Improves Gastro Intestinal Health

Improves Appetite:-

Black cardamom is also highly effective in improving the appetite of its consumer by enhancing his or her digestion process.  It gives fast relief from abdominal gas problem and chronic constipation which usually develops with inappropriate digestion. Black cardamom is highly carminative in nature which can safeguard you against discomfort aroused due to indigestion.

Improves Appetite

Improves Cardiovascular Health:-

Black cardamom is an amazing remedy to reduce complications related to cardiovascular health. It controls the cardiac rhythm and also regulates the blood pressure of its consumer. Consumption of black cardamom is very helpful in reducing chances of occurring blood clotting and heat stroke without causing any harm to cardiac health of its consumer.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Improves Respiratory Function:-

Black cardamom gives better result in improving the respiratory health of an individual by curing all types of respiratory disorders comfortably. It warms the respiratory tract of its victim which plays an important role in curing complex respiratory problems including bronchitis, lung cancer, asthma, lung congestion etc. It also gives fast relief from whooping cough, sore throat and common cold which are also associated with respiratory tract.

Improves Respiratory Function

Dental Disorders:-

Black cardamom is also highly beneficial in giving fast relief from complex dental disorders too. It promotes good oral health by curing dental diseases like gums bleeding, gums infection and teeth infection. In fact, strong aroma of black cardamom also removes bad breath issue.

Dental Disorders

Improves Urinary Health:-

Black cardamom is an amazing diuretic that maintains proper functioning of renal system and facilitates urination effectively.

Improves Urinary Health

Reduces Risk Of Cancer:-

Black cardamom is blessed with outstanding anti-carcinogenic properties which raises the amount of an antioxidant named glutathione in the body thereby killing cancerous cells. That is why; patients suffering from ovarian, breast and colon cancer are advised to consume black cardamom in a diet.

Reduces Risk Of Cancer

Helps In Detoxification:-

Black cardamom is a superb detoxifier that removes all the toxins from the blood vessel and keep your body safe from hazardous impact of alkaloids.

Helps In Detoxification

Removes Stress And Headache:-

Black cardamom is a natural remedy for headache and stress. In fact, gentle massage of scalp and head with its oil can give instant relief from all sorts of stress, fatigue and headache problem.

Removes Stress And Headache

Boosts Immunity:-

black cardamom is a good immunity booster that safeguards your body against all types of bacterial and viral infections and kills microbes of different species with its superb antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

Boosts Immunity

Skin Benefits Of Black Cardamom

Improves Skin Tone:-

Black cardamom gives amazing result in improving skin tone of its consumer due to its richness in essential minerals, vitamin C and superb antioxidants. Black cardamom improvvs flow of blood in blood streams which results in giving a toned and young look to the skin of a person who consumes it daily in any form.

Improves Skin Tone


Black cardamom is a fantastic anti ageing agents that removvs all the skin related complexions and all signs of ageing to great extent by giving a fairer skin tone.


Removes Dermatitis:-

Black cardamom is blessed with outstanding antibacterial properties which makes it highly beneficial in removing dermatitis and other types of skin allergy.

Removes Dermatitis

Hair Benefits Of Black Cardamom

Makes Hair Healthy And Shiny:-

Black cardamom offers high nourishment to hair strands and scalp which makes the hair healthy and more shinier than before. You can apply oil extracted from seeds of black cardamom directly to your scalp so as to make your hair strong, shiny and thick.

Makes Hair Healthy And Shiny

Reduce Scalp Infection:-

If you’re suffering from scalp infection or irritation then massaging your scalp with its oil will ease your discomfort. Antibacterial properties of black cardamom oil give fast relief from scalp infection.

Reduce Scalp Infection