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15 Best Cooling Foods For Summer

15 Best Cooling Foods For Summer

Summers can take the toll on the overall health of the person. The heat can be unbearable and make one feel tired and lethargic .Summer heat not only causes fatigue and dehydration it can also result in sun strokes which can prove to be dangerous. It is therefore important that we drink plenty of water in summer to keep our body hydrated. Besides water there are several foods which not only keep our body hydrated they also have a cooling effect on our body. Mentioned below are few such cooling foods that help beat the summer heat.

1. Tender Coconut Water

What better way to cool than this amazing nature’s gift. Tender coconut water not only keeps you cool and hydrated it also has several nutrients which helps in keeping you nourished and healthy. Instead of drinking sodas and other sweetened beverages it is always better to have tender coconut water. Drink tender coconut water twice daily in the summer season.

Coconut Water

2. Watermelon

Watermelon contains 95% water and is great way of beating the summer heat. It has antioxidants which help in protecting the skin from the harmful effect of the sun. Have watermelon on a regular basis in the summer. You can also blend it in blender and have it in the form yummy juice.


3. Yogurt And Buttermilk

These dairy products are one of the best healthy alternatives as compared to soda and sweetened beverages and ice creams. They have antioxidants and vitamin B and help in keeping the body cool. They protect the body against the harmful effect of the sun. During the summers eat a bowl of yogurt everyday during lunch and dinner. Also have a glass of buttermilk instead of tea and coffee in the summer months.


4. Dark Green Leafy Vegetables

Dark green leafy vegetables contain high amount of water and hence have a cooling effect on the body. They have high fiber content and hence have a soothing effect on the digestive tract. You can have these green leafy vegetables in the form of salad or you can blend and add salt and lemon juice and enjoy them in the form of healthy smoothies.

Dark Green-Leafy Vegetables

5. Bananas

Bananas which are rich in fibers and nutrients help in removing the heat from the intestines. They remove the toxins from the body and hence are very beneficial for the body. Eat a banana every day after meals in the summers. It also helps reduce nausea.


6. Indian Gooseberry

Indian gooseberry is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants and has a cooling effect on the body. It protects the body against the harmful effects of the sun. You can eat Indian gooseberry every day. You can also extract its juice and have the juice on a regular basis.

Indian gooseberry (2)

7. Apricots

Apricots have vitamin C, fibers, potassium and iron and help in protecting the skin from the harmful effects of the sun. The high fiber content has a soothing effect on the digestive system. You can have fresh or dry apricots daily to beat the summer heat.


8. Cucumbers

Cucumbers have very high water content and hence keep the body and skin hydrated. They have a soothing effect on the digestive tract. You can eat raw cucumbers as salads daily especially in the summers. You can also grate the cucumber and to it add a salad dressing made up of yogurt, sugar and salt.


9. Corn

Corn contains fibers; magnesium, folate, thiamine, vitamin c etc and helps in keeping the body energized in the summer and hence is a must in your list of foods to beat the summer heat. You can simply boil the corn and add a dash of salt and lemon juice and have this for lunch in the summer months .It is tasty and healthy and keeps your stomach full.

Sweet Corn

10. Mangoes

Besides being loaded with several nutrients and minerals mangoes are also found to be very effective against sun strokes and they are also useful against fatigue generated doe to the summer heat. You can eat mangoes or have it in the form of juice or even prepare smoothies and milkshakes.


11. Kiwis

Kiwi fruit is rich in nutrients and has ample amount of omega 3 fatty acids. It is particularly good for the skin in the summer months. You can eat kiwi fruit or combine it with other fruits to form smoothies.


12. Shellfish

Shellfish or oysters contain phyto chemicals which help in removal of toxins from the body especially those that encourage sweating. So if you need your quota of non vegetarian food even in the summer then have these oysters on a regular basis.


13. Cardamom

This spice helps in detoxifying and helps in cooling down the body. Add cardamom powder to tea and your daily cooking especially in the summers.


14. Mushrooms

Mushrooms have several nutrients and minerals and it has a cooling effect on the body especially crimini mushrooms. Hence make mushrooms a part of your summer diet.


15. Lemons

Last but not the least the best way of cooling down your body is using lemon juice. You can combine lemon juice, honey and water to get a refreshing summer drink. Lemon juice can be added to salads, soups and juices.

So want to remain cool in the summer well then include these foods in your daily diet and feel the difference.