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15 Effective Ways To Get Rid Of A Stuffy Nose Overnight

Effective Ways To Get Rid Of A Stuffy Nose Overnight

A stuffy nose is a common health issue which troubles us sometime or the other. Headaches, pain in the face, fever and sore throat are often accompanied with a stuffy nose. It happens usually in the winter months and allergies or change in weather conditions could also be factors contributing to a blocked nasal passage. A persistent blocked nose could lead to breathing problems, sleep troubles, and ill health.

Here Are A Few Handy Tips To Get Rid Of A Stuffy Nose Overnight 

1. Warm Shower

Its a good idea to take a warm shower before going to bed. When the lungs are filled with the steam of the hot water shower, the congestions start loosening and the nose clears up.

Cold Showers

2. Use A Humidifier

Although it can be purchased easily from the market, a humidifier effect can be created at home. Take a bowl of boiling water and keep it in your room. The steam will create moisture content in the room that will help in clearing out the blocked nasal passages while we are asleep. By the next morning, The humidity in the room will have done its task of clearing the blocked nose.

Use humidifiers

3. Apply Vicks

This age-old vapor rub comes handy when the nose is stuffy. Apply it on the nose, forehead, back and chest to get a good night’s sleep and also get relief from the body pains, sore throat and the congested nasal pathways. Inhaling the vapors from a handkerchief which has Vicks smeared on it also helps clear a blocked nose fast.



4. Peppermint Oil

We can add this to steam water or just rub it on the nose, back and chest to melt the phlegm and get the same results of a vapor rub. Also, add a few drops to steam water so that we can inhale vapors and relieve congestion.

Peppermint Oil

5. Make Chicken Soup

If you are extremely uncomfortable and have trouble sleeping, a chicken soup will work well to clear a stuffy nose. Have hot homemade chicken soup before going to bed and it will help in widening the nasal passages and draining out all the mucus from them.

Chicken Soup

6. Steam Inhalation

This can be done easily at home using a bowl of hot water and a towel to cover the head. When we inhale the vapors of the steam, the heat melts the mucus and all the fluid starts draining out. We can add peppermint oil or Vicks to the water to get quicker results.

Steam Inhalation

7. Have Tea Or Coffee 

Sipping hot tea or coffee can help in unblocking the nose and clearing the airways for better breathing.

Drinking tea

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8. Drink Lemon And Honey Water 

Make a concoction by adding some lemon and honey to warm water and sipping it a number of times in the day.This will not only clear the stuffy nose but also keep you hydrated. Even green tea is effective for nasal congestion.

Lemon juice and honey

9. Hot Compress 

Take a folded cloth and dip it in warm water and put it over the nose. Repeat this a number of times, targeting the sinuses also. A blocked nose gets easily unclogged by the next day.

warm compress

10. Drink Fluids 

Keep drinking a lot of fluids preferably warm, throughout the day, to keep yourself hydrated and also all the mucus gets dissolved with the fluids and is flushed out easily from the body.

Warm Fluids

11. Prop Your Head 

Take a few pillows and elevate your head while sleeping. Sleeping in this position helps in draining out the phlegm from the nasal passages and the patient gets relief by the next morning.

Get Proper Rest And Sleep

12. Massage The Sinuses 

Use your finger tips and thumb tips to massage the sinuses to unclog the sinus passages. The points are below the brows, cheekbones and around the eyes, which can be massaged for 30 seconds each get relief from congestion.

Sinus Infection

13. Eat Spicy Food 

Eat peppers, ginger and horseradish, raw onion, garlic and other spice laced foods before sleeping to clear the blocked nose. A warm soup with these ingredients can help open a blocked nose.

Spicy Foods

14. Use Neti Pot

Make a saline solution of salt and warm water and put it in a neti pot. Use it to clear the congestion by pouring the fluid from one nostril by tilting the head in such a way that it drips out from the other nostril. Then repeat from the other nostril. This is a very effective method in treating all kinds of nasal related problems.

nasal irrigation

15. Eucalyptus Oil 

Take a glass bowl and add 5 tsp of olive oil to it. Mix in 5 drops of eucalyptus oil and take a piece of tissue. Dip one end of this tissue in the mixture and make a roll out of it. Now push it into one nostril and keep inhaling for some time. Repeat with the other nostril. Eucalyptus oil effectively clears the blocked nasal pathway and can be inhaled with a soaked handkerchief, from time to time, to clear up the stuffiness.

Eucalyptus Oil