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15 Enormous Power Of Potatoes In Fighting Diseases

15 Enormous Power Of Potatoes In Fighting Diseases Potatoes!! Who would not love to eat it? Boiled, fried, grilled, as an accompaniment, on its own; any which way a potato is cooked people would love to eat it. It is a starchy vegetable that grows underground and can be grown all around the year. A potato can be easily combined with any other vegetable or meat. It is such a versatile vegetable that it is can be used for not just breakfast, lunch and dinner but also for making mid-meal snacks. It is one of the abundantly grown vegetable after rice, maize and wheat. Potato is also regarded as a comfort food for most of the people across the globe. One vegetable which a person would not find new even when he goes to a new country is potato. Some people these days are avoiding potato as they believe that the starch in the potato causes them to put on weight. But, this is a very wrong notion. One would be amazed at the various health benefits of a potato. There are numerous diseases which can be cured with potato.

Let Us Now Look At The Health Problems That Ca Be Cured By Eating Potatoes :

Heart Diseases

Did you know that Potatoes contain a substance called Carotenoids and that these Carotenoids are required for the functioning of the heart and other internal organs of our body? But, having said this care should also be taken to see that people who are diabetic or obese should not consume potato as the starch in it is not advisable for them to consume. But, for the others it is indeed very beneficial. And yes, Potatoes do not contain any Cholesterol.



Potatoes are very easy to digest because of its starchy nature. It also has some amount of fiber present in it which helps in relieving diarrhea. But, again due to its excess starch over consumption is not advised.


Lowers Blood Pressure

Research shows that a substance called Kukoamines which is present in the potatoes helps in lowering blood pressure. In fact it was a surprise to the scientists as well to find this substance in the potatoes. They said that since potatoes are present since thousands of years, they assumed that they know everything about it. But, the humble potato never fails to surprise anyone. Calcium, potassium and magnesium present in the potato also help in lowering the blood pressure.

Blood Pressure

Help To  Reduce Kidney Stones

The peel of a potato is said to be rich source of nutrients and minerals. Nutrients such as Vitamin – B, potassium, manganese and copper helps in dissolving the kidney stones. There are records that in the ancient day’s people used to eat raw potato peels for the kidney stones to be dissolved. Even though there is enough proof, it is better to do it with the advice of a medical practitioner.

kidney stones

Brain Function Is Improved

Minerals such as Iron, copper etc. which is present in the potato are great brain boosters. Believe it or not, people say that a baked potato eaten without salt and with its jacket (skin) on helps in increasing the memory power. Baked potatoes are anyway yummy so, there is nothing wrong in trying it out. Isn’t it? Apart from copper and iron, vitamin C, vitamin B6, potassium and magnesium also helps in keeping the brain alert.

Brain  Function

Helps To Reduce Inflammation

As mentioned earlier, potatoes are one those vegetables which can be easily digested. They help is reducing any kind of inflammation and irritation both external and internal. For external inflammation, all one needs to do it to apply the potato on the part that is affected and see it heal!! The application of potato works on mouth ulcers as well.


Stomach Disorders

It is believed that eating a raw potato or drinking raw potato juice helps in curing stomach disorders such as acidity, removal of toxins etc.

Low Stomach Acid


A teaspoon or two of raw potato juice consumed before meal helps to reduce Rheumatism. Even the peel of the potato, when soaked in water for some time and then consumed is said to be good for Rheumatism.

joint pain

Skin Revitalizer

Potatoes are said to be the cheapest and the healthiest product which can be used as a skin revitalizer. It is also said to improve the skin complexion.

Healthy Skin

Cell Building

The high content of Vitamin B 6 which the Potato contains is said to be important for cell generation in the human body.

More Red Blood Cells

Increases Immunity

Though potatoes are known more for their starch content, it is also a power house of vitamin C. A medium size potato provides half of the daily requirement of vitamin C to the body which is very essential for building immunity.

Helps In Boosting Immunity

Menstrual Pains

Vitamin B6 present in the potato helps in relieving menstrual pains.

Menstrual Pain

Removes Cellulite

When massaged with an potato in circular motion, it is said to remove cellulite. But, regular massage is a must.


Stress Buster

Potatoes help in reducing stress as well as cell regeneration. This is because of the rich source of Vitamin B6 present in it. The adrenaline hormones which are produced fights stress and also relax the brain and body to a great extent. So, now you know what should be done the next time you are stressed out!

Reduces Stress

Beauty Benefits

Under eye dark circles can be removed by applying potato juice or keeping a slice of potato on the eye lids. It also helps in removing blemishes and dark spots on the skin.

Potatoes For Puffy Eyes

Though a humble vegetable which people have many misconceptions, potatoes are a power house of energy and has many health benefits. So, what are you thinking about? Go ahead and include potatoes in your meal be it breakfast, lunch or dinner.