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15 Essential Benefits Of Palm Kernel Oil

Essential Benefits Of Palm Kernel Oil

Palm kernel oil is also called as tropical oil which is popular and beneficial oil obtained by extracting it from the kernel of palm tree. This tree is mostly found in African region. Palm oil majorly contains fatty triglycerides with 80 percentages of saturated fats and 20 percentages of unsaturated fats. The common sources of this oil are margarine, creamers, vegetable oil, chocolate and ice cream. Palm kernel oil present varied types of health benefits, some of them have been mentioned in this article.

1. Free From Cholesterol

With the increasing sedentary lifestyles and hereditary ailments many people have started adopting cholesterol free diet [1] . If you want to lower cholesterol in your diet then start cooking using palm kernel oil. This oil is absolutely free of bad cholesterol and also adds taste to the food. This makes it healthier option as compared to other vegetable oils and butter.

Reduces Cholesterol

2. Healthy Heart

Free from trans-fat and cholesterol this oil is very beneficial for protecting you from cardiovascular ailments like blocking of arteries, heart attack, congestion in heart etc [2] . It contains healthy unsaturated fats which keeps your heart healthy and aids in its better functioning.


3. Good For Diabetes

People who are suffering from diabetes or are at risk of getting diabetes must start to include it in their daily meals. This oil is good for the body and keeps cholesterol levels in check [3] . Consumption of this oil reduces the ratio of bad cholesterol and increases the ratio of healthy cholesterol in the blood.

Helps Fight Diabetes

4. Regulates Blood Pressure

Palm kernel oil balances the flow of the blood from the heart to all the body organs [4] . With proper flow of blood all the organs of the body gets sufficient amount of nutrients and gets nourished.

Blood Pressure (3)

5. Healthy And Youthful Skin

Antioxidants in this oil arrests the growth of free radicals and oxidation of cells in the body [5] . This property helps in giving you relief from ageing symptoms like visible fine lines, dark spots, sagging skin and wrinkles on the face.

Healthy Skin

6. Reduces Weight

Low in calories, low density cholesterol and fat, foods made using this oil does not add unwanted fat to your body and gets easily digested [6] . This helps in maintaining the right amount of body weight with a fit and healthy body. This oil has antioxidants which help in reducing body weight too.

Lose Weight

7. Protection From UV Rays

Palm kernel oil has useful qualities to protect your skin from the harmful and damaging effects of sun’s UV rays. This is the reason why this oil is also added in preparation of creams, sunscreen lotions etc.


8. Detoxification

Palm Kernel Oil helps in easy and effective removal of toxins from the body [8] . It naturally purifies each and every cell of body and rejuvenates it.


9. Strong Immune System

With the presence of loads of antioxidants in the oil, palm kernel oil helps in boosting the immune system of the body [9] . This oil strengthens the ability of the body’s defence system to protect it from outside harmful substances.

Immune System

10. Healthy Bones And Joints

Palm Oil helps in maintaining the healthy density of bones and promotes better health of joints [10] . Vitamin K contained in this oil boosts the health of your bones and makes them strong. Its inflammatory action helps in getting rid of swelling and aches in the different joints of the body.

Healthy Bones (2)

11. Vitamin K

Palm kernel Oil is found to have increased amount of Vitamin K in it. This is one of the most significant fat-soluble ingredients which are immensely needed by your body [11] . This oil works remarkably as a remarkable blood coagulant.

palm kernel oil

12. Zero Trans-Fat

This oil does not contain trans-fat that makes it ideal for people who are hoping to shed some extra weight from their body [12] .

Weight Loss

13. Vitamin A

Palm kernel oil is vital source of Vitamin A and treats variety of eye disorders such as night blindness, short and long sightedness etc [13] .

healthy eyes

14. Long Storage Ability

This oil does not oxidise even at high temperature so can be stored for a longer time. This makes it a good substitute for vegetable oil and for commercial cooking too.

palm kernel oil 2

15. Good For Dry Skin 

Palm kernel oil is a rich source of Vitamin E. Vitamin E has antioxidants which are good for skin and body. Palm kernel oil helps in relieving from dry itchy skin with ragged cuticles. Application of this oil makes your skin soft and naturally radiant [15]  .

Dry Skin

All these above benefits show that cooking food in palm oil or using the oil in any other form is a wise decision. This easily digestible oil is very much suitable for the health of children, pregnant ladies and elderly people too. So start using it to experience the wide range of health benefits offered by it.