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15 Essential Benefits Of Petitgrain Essential Oil


15 Essential Benefits Of Petitgrain Essential Oil

Petitgrain essential oil is made using bitter orange or sour orange. These oranges are produced in various countries especially France and Paraguay. Sour orange has citrus qualities that make it one of the most vital medicinal ingredients. Apart from its therapeutic uses this oil is also used in preparation due to its woody and citrusy smell which drives everyone crazy. Some of the useful properties of this oil are antidepressant, uplifting, deodorant, antiseptic, anti-spasmodic and sedative. Petitgrain essential oil is a very common and popular flavouring agent used in making various types of dishes. In this article we are going to see fifteen benefits of petitgrain essential oil.

Beneficial For Oily Skin

Petitgrain essential oil is very beneficial for your skin. Application of this oil on your skin makes it free from common skin issues like pimples, acne, scars, blemishes, whiteheads and blackheads. If you have oily skin this use of this oil helps in balancing oil secretion in the body and keep it under control. With regular usage of this oil it helps in protecting your skin by minimising these issues to a large extent and prevents its recurrence.

Oily Skin

Heals Wounds

Petitgrain essential oil is widely known for its antiseptic properties. This oil restricts the growth of bacteria and various other devastating microorganisms from damaging the skin. The oil remarkably helps in effectively healing all types of painful wounds, scrapes and cuts. On application of this oil at the infected area of the skin prevents formation of septic and heals the wound efficiently and rapidly.

Cures cuts and wounds

Reduces Stress

Stress and anxiety have become common now a days. In this busy and competitive world everyone works hard by sacrificing mental and physical relaxation. This leads to the development of stress and anxiety in a person. This oil has antidepressant qualities that uplift the spirit of the person calms the body and mind. Its soothing smell relives one from sadness, fear and depression.

Reduces Stress

Relaxed Body And Good Sleep

To experience its relaxing and rejuvenating effect you should use it in the form of massage to relax your tired body and get a deep sleep. When mind performs efficiently body also gains vitality and health.

Get Proper Rest And Sleep


This oil is used in perfume industry because of its delicious fragrance. This oil has deodorant properties which prevents foul body odour in a person. Petitgrain essential oil is sweat control oil which powerfully controls excessive perspiration and bad odour. Spraying this oil leaves you fresh and confident all the day.

Act As A Natural Deodorant

Healthy Nervous System

Petitgrain essential oil promotes a sound and efficient nervous system. People who are working under tremendous work pressure, exhaustive conditions or any sort of mind related problem would benefit by a daily message of this oil.

nervous system

Sound And Balanced Emotional Health

Petitgrain essential oil makes one emotionally balanced with healthy and positive thoughts and feelings. It recharges the person and helps in release of pent up emotions, rejection and self- judgement.


Overcome Addictions

Consumption of this oil is very beneficial for those who have any sort of addiction or bad habits. It helps in strengthening the will power of a person which makes it easy to give up simple to difficult addictions as well as compulsions.

Suppresses Smoking Urge

Refreshing Bath

Had a tired day at office? You definitely need to relax your mind and body. What could be better than adding few drops of this fruity fragrant oil which gives you a refreshing and energizing bath?

Warm bath

Used In Cosmetic Industry

This oil has gained a special place in cosmetic Industry due to its soothing nature and antiseptic properties and sweet smell. It is very much used as one of the ingredients in preparation of several soaps, creams, hair and beauty care products, detergents etc.

sunscream 2

Flavouring Agent

The rich aroma of Petitgrain essential oil makes it a popular flavouring agent in variety of foods, alcoholic drinks and beverages.


Memory Enhancer

Petitgrain essential oil is useful for people who have lost memory with age. This oil helps in enhancing the memory of a person and restores it to best possible levels. Along with this it also promotes mental clarity and sharpening of mind.


Helps To Control Anger

Petitgrain essential oil helps in cooling down the temperament of a person and anger of a person. This saves them for various damaging consequences on health and public relations.


Hair Tonic

A few drops of this oil in water when used to rinse your hairs helps in relieving hair and scalp from all kinds of infections, dryness, oiliness etc. It maintains healthy, fresh and clean scalp and hairs naturally.

beautiful hairs

Improves Productivity

This oil helps in treating a wide range of simple to severe health issues and boosts wellbeing in a person. A person feels rejuvenated and enthusiastic which gets clearly visible in their work.


Application of Petitgrain essential oil makes one feel energetic and happy. For an overall wellbeing of a person on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level this oil is simply magical!!