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15 Excellent Health Benefits Of Green Apples

15 Excellent Health Benefits Of Green Apples

Green apples are also known as granny smith apples and are packed with numerous minerals and nutrients that boost overall health and promote longevity. These apples are slightly tart as compared to red apples but are ranked even higher in nutritional content. These are used in a variety of purposes from wine industry to cooking and are known for its use in oil refining. Intake of green apples not only protects the heart, and stomach, it also gives a flawless skin and hair and improves metabolism and overall health.

The Health Benefits Of Green Apples Are :


As per the new research, we can always say that – eating a green apple a day, will keep old age away! Green apples are packed with antioxidants that can help in the generation of new cells and protects the existing cells from damage. It promotes good health and youthfulness and keeps the skin elastic by helping in the production of collagen. Also, old age disorders like memory loss diseases and joint problems can be easily tackled with the intake of green apples every day.

Anti-Aging (3)

Skin Moisturizer

Make a pack using green apples or eat it everyday, nutrition will be supplied both ways. Green apples contain vitamins A, B, C which keeps the skin smooth and soft and moisturize the skin.

Lack Of Moisture

Skin Whitener

Green apples contain compounds that have a lightening effect on the skin, purify the blood, and also removes under eye circles due to its strong iron content which helps in supplying oxygen to the skin.

Skin Whitener

Reduces Acne And Blemishes

Green apples can be used for various skin treatments of blemishes and acne, and also improves the complexion of the skin. The antioxidants protect the skin from free radical harm and prevent diseases like skin cancer and keeps the skin free of wrinkles and fine lines.

Might Worsen Acne

Hair Care

Apple juice can be applied on the hair scalp to reduce dandruff and combat itchy scalp problems. A pack made using the leaves and skin of green apples and applied on the scalp can help in improving the texture of the hair, promote hair growth and prevents dandruff. The zinc, copper, iron, magnesium, and potassium keeps the strands healthy and promotes good hair generation.

beautiful hairs

Bone Health

Eating a green apple every day keeps the bones strong and healthy and protects the body from harmful diseases like joint pains and osteoporosis.

Healthy Bones

Mineral Content

The calcium, iron, copper, zinc and magnesium in green apples makes the bones stronger and regulates the thyroid gland to protect against gout and rheumatism and other diseases of the body.

green apple


Flavonoids and polyphenols are two antioxidants present in green apples that prevent DNA damage and protects the body from the harmful effects of chronic diseases like cancers, especially the colon and skin cancer. Also, heart problems, cholesterol, and diabetes can also be controlled with the regular intake of these apples as they protect the body from the damaging effects of free radicals and neutralizes these radicals.

Colon Cancer


Green apples are rich in fiber and also contain vitamins, calcium, magnesium, zinc and copper and many more such nutrients that provide the body with energy and help in performing all life processes optimally. The fiber helps in proper digestion of food and leads to a strong metabolism as all the hormones function properly.



Memory and behavior-related diseases can be managed with the intake of green apples. It helps in proper functioning of the brain, helps in enhancing memory and slows the degeneration of the brain and helps in fighting the problems like Alzheimer’s diseases.

Alzheimer's Disease

Low In Fat 

Green apples are low in calories and high in soluble fibers. The soluble fibers attract water in the intestines and keep the stomach fuller for a long time, reducing the urge to eat frequently. They help in losing weight and are often a part of the diet of people trying to lose weight fast.

Aids Digestion


Asthma is a respiratory disease that weakens the lungs and causes problems in breathing. Green apples are rich in minerals and vitamin C which help in strengthening the immune system and prepares the body to fight off chronic diseases.

Prevents Asthma


Soluble fibers delay the absorption of sugars into the small intestines and is beneficial for diabetes patients. Green apples if consumed regularly, help in controlling the blood sugar level and reduces the chances of developing type2 diabetes.



This fruit has high fiber content and promotes healthy bowel movement by acting as a laxative. Green apples consumed after heavy meals help in better digestion and promotes smooth passage of food through the gut.

Cures Constipation

Protects The Liver

The enzymes in apples also protect the liver from damage, stimulates the secretion of organic acids that increase appetite and also treats problems of  diarrhea and keeps the liver healthy.

Protects Your Liver