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15 Fruits, Vegetables And Herbs Used For Migraine Headaches

Fruits, Vegetables And Herbs Used For Migraine Headaches

Constriction of blood vessels followed by their expansion causes migraine headaches. Number of factors can contribute to migraine headaches like fluctuation in the estrogen levels, allergies, emotional trauma, medications etc all contribute to migraine. Instead of opting for chemical pain killers it is better to go for natural remedies. In fact there are some fruits, vegetables and herbs which are found to be useful in reducing the pain due to migraine headaches. Mentioned below are few such fruits, vegetables and herbs which are useful in reducing the migraine headaches.


Fresh Pineapple:

Dehydration can result in headaches. Pineapple contains water and hence can be useful in giving relief from headaches. It contains a compound called bromelain. This compound has anti inflammatory properties and is useful in reducing pain.

Fresh Pineapple


Dehydration could be one of the reasons for the headaches. Hence consumption of fruits with high water content proves to be beneficial. The best in this category is watermelon. It has almost 90% water content and hence is useful in rehydrating the body and in controlling headaches.



Apples have high magnesium content and are therefore useful in controlling migraines. It should be noted that magnesium helps in bringing about the relaxation of blood vessels which helps in controlling the headache.So an apple a day will help in keeping migraines away.



Avocados too have high magnesium content and therefore can be used in case of headaches.



Cantaloupe too is rich in water and as several other nutrients and hence keeps the body hydrated and healthy and is useful in keeping headaches away.




These have plant estrogens and they help in eliminating the negative effects of the estrogen found in our body. The high magnesium content in case of leafy veggies like spinach is also useful. They are therefore useful in controlling migraines.



Broccoli has a compound called CoQ10 which is good for the brain and is believed to help in fighting migraine headaches.



Carrot helps to remove the toxins from the body and helps in regulating headaches.



The starch in potatoes is believed to give relief from the headaches. So try out some boiled or baked potatoes when in pain.



All types of lettuce are rich in nutrients and are found to control migraines.So munch on to the lettuce as much as possible




Since ginger has anti inflammatory properties it is useful in controlling and eliminating pains. Therefore it is widely used in treatment of migraine. A hot cup of ginger tea can do wonders to your headache.




Rosemary helps in stimulating the nerves and improves blood circulation. It thereby gives relief from headaches.


Lemon Balm:

It has a soothing effect on the nerves and also acts as a mild sedative .It therefore induces sleep and also gives relief from headache.

Lemon Balm


This is one of the best herbs for migraines. It acts as a stress buster and has a calming effect on the nerves. It is widely used as a prevention method for migraines.



Allspice herb has analgesic properties and therefore acts as a pain killer. It also has a soothing effect on the nerves and is thereby useful in controlling migraines.


The use of these fruits, vegetables and spices will definitely help in controlling and doing away with migraines. These being natural food resources they do not have harmful side effects.