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15 Great Benefits Of Omega-3 Fatty Acids For The Skin, Hair And Body

15 Great Benefits Of Omega-3 Fatty Acids For The Skin, Hair And Body
Omega-3 fatty acids are kinds of polyunsaturated fats(PUFAs) which can be obtained from plants and animals. ALA, EPA, DHA are the three kinds of omega-3 fats. ALAs cannot be made by the body so they have to be derived from plant sources like flaxseeds, chia, hemp and more. EPAs and DHAs are found mostly in seafood, and fish oil. Omega-3 fats are responsible for proper metabolism and promote healthy passage of nutrients into the cell membranes.They are becoming increasingly popular for the benefits they provide to the skin, hair and body.

They Are Discussed As Under:


Extensive research is being done in this field, as studies suggest that regular intake of fish oil or sea foods reduce stroke risk and other problems related to the heart. Heart patients are immensely benefitted as the cardiac failures are reduced as omega-3 fats are anti-thrombotic and block deposition of fats and fibrosis in the arteries.



Both fish oil and krill oil help immensely in lowering the level of liver triglycerides. The bad cholesterol in the body is kept in check which also has a positive impact on the heart health.

Reduces Cholesterol

Blood Pressure

Intake of PUFAs is helpful in the proper functioning of blood vessels, prevents hardening of arteries in the body thereby controlling blood pressure by keeping it under normal limits.

High Blood Pressure

Short Bowel Syndrome

In this syndrome, children are born with underdeveloped intestines and it can affect adults who have suffered diseases like Crohn’s or some injury. Children who are given supplements of omega-3 fats are known to survive and improve their conditions.

Cures cuts and wounds

Child Growth

It is important to fulfill the child’s omega -3 fat needs from the time it is in the womb. Mothers should take regular supplements when pregnant and breastfeeding. This helps in the proper neurological and overall development of the child. It can enhance memory power, intellect, thinking and problem-solving capacity and is vital to the brain development of the child.



EPA and DHA can together help solve problems of stiff joints and inflammatory pains associated with rheumatoid arthritis. Fish oil supplements are recommended for easing the problems of arthritis and other muscular pains and swellings.

Cures arthritis


Omega-3 fats help to lower depression in people and uplift mood. They control mood swings and influence behavioural patterns and strengthens immunity in the body.

Treats depression

Alzheimer’s Disease

As the intake of these fatty acids positively impacts the brain, diseases like Alzheimer’s can be treated and mental health can be maintained.

Alzheimer's Disease


Problems of the eyes like macular degeneration are greatly resolved by the intake of these fats in our diets.The optical nerves function well and eye health is maintained.



The free radicals of the cancer cells can be curbed and tumor growth can be reduced by the dietary intake of omega-3 fats. The prostate, breast, skin and colon cancer patients are greatly benefitted from these fatty acids.

Fights Cancer

Dry Skin

Skin problems like dry, patchy skin are common. If these problems continue for a while, the addition of omega -3 fats in the diet might just help. They help maintain suppleness of the skin and act as a natural moisturizer. Walnuts, flaxseeds, fish and peanuts are all good for the skin and help in keeping it soft and hydrated.

Dry Skin


The collagen in the skin is responsible for maintaining elasticity and hence youthfulness of the skin. It prevents sagging and formation of wrinkles. EPA protects the collagen from destruction so that it can execute its functions properly and protect the skin from various deformations and keep it radiant and healthy.


Sun Damage

The regular consumption of omega-3 fats help in protecting the skin from the harmful UVrays and sun damage. The harmful rays produce free radicals that could lead to major skin troubles like skin cancer and anti ageing.The omega-3 fatty acids, especially the EPA protects skin from these damages



The intake of fish and fish oil is extremely good for the skin and acts as a natural moisturiser. Also, problems like eczema and psoriasis can be treated with the addition of omega fats to the diet.

Healthy Skin


If your hair lacks its luster and has become dry and brittle, it would be nice to add fish, nuts, flaxseeds in your diet. The omega-3 fats in these food products can do wonders to restore the shine and health of your tresses. It strengthens the follicles of the hair and makes them strong and prevents hair loss.

Hair Volumnizer

The regular intake of supplements of fatty acids should be taken only after the experts advice.