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15 Great Health Benefits Of Cumin



Cumin seeds, scientifically known as Cuminum Cyminum can be found in every Indian kitchen. It is one of the main spices which are added in numerous Indian culinary. In the ancient times, Indians have included this spice in their dishes for health purposes unlike us who only add cumin for its taste and aroma alone. So if you add this special item in your food daily, it can keep you healthy in many ways. Some of us have the incorrect idea that spices are bad for health and I guess after reading this you will change your mind. Let’s see what cumin has:

These Are Some Benefits Of Consuming Cumin:

 Relieves Constipation:

Cumin has the power of enhancing the gastrointestinal activity. This action leads to the stimulation of enzyme emission. Furthermore, diseases like piles or any other digestive related problems can be avoided by regular intake of cumin seeds. In times of constipation, drink some cumin tea. This can give you some relief from this problem.


Prevents Anaemia:

The high iron content in cumin can be the solution to anaemic person. Haemoglobin which carries oxygen to all organs in our body is made up of iron particles. Hence, consumption of cumin can increase the production of haemoglobin residing in the red blood cells. So diseases like anaemia can be kept at bay.


Fights Cold:

Common cold is caused by virus which deteriorates our immunity system making us defenseless to other bacteria or viruses. Cumin seeds contain natural substances that help to defense against viral illnesses.


Sharpens Memory:

People having lack of memory power can gain benefit by including cumin seeds in their diet. Several minerals like vitamin B6, riboflavin and niacin helps to enhance our mental ability and storage capacity. Cumin can be used to treat patients suffering from amnesia.


Helps In Digestion:

The main compound in cumin seeds stimulates the salivary glands enhancing the initial stage of digesting food particles. Another compound called thymol kindles the glands in secreting enzymes and bile to complete the work of digestive system.


Prevents Diabetes:

This spice has been reported by researches to be effective in saving us from diabetic issues. It can reduce the high glucose content in urine and prevents hypoglycemia which can result in diabetes.


Lessens Pregnancy Difficulties:

As mentioned earlier, cumin has the property of improving our digestive systems and so it is better if expecting mothers consume cumin regularly. They can avoid from facing constipation. Other pregnancy annoyance like vomiting and queasiness can also be reduced by this magical spice.


Increases Milk Secretion:

The iron content in cumin intensifies milk secretion and so it is beneficial for mothers. So mothers are recommended to add few cumin seeds in their everyday food.


Rich In Anti-oxidant:

As said earlier, cumin seeds are rich in vitamin C. This vitamin is a natural anti-oxidant that protects the body from catchable diseases or bacterial infections.


Decreases Tiredness:

As cumin can increase haemoglobin content, more oxygen will be supplied to all parts of the body. This in turn reduces fatigue and tiredness of the body. As a result, we will feel more energetic and lively.


Aids In sleeping:

Do you have problems in having a peaceful sleep? Simply mix some ground cumin and mashed banana. Have them before going to bed. This mixture stimulates the fluid secretion in the brain necessary to trigger drowsiness and sleepiness. This is a better option than sleeping pills and other medications since nature is always healthier than artificial.


Remedy For Respiratory Disorders:

Cumin seeds are made up of rich essential oils and caffeine. Both of them act as a great expectorant that removes the mucus and germs from the respiratory tracts. Hence, the phlegm can be easily get rid of by sneezing and coughing.


Protects from Cancer:

Cumin is an exceptional spice containing anti-carcinogenic elements and detoxifying agents that prevents the rapid multiplication of cells leading to cancer. Cumin most effectively prevents us from getting colon cancer.


Strong Immunity System:

Vitamin C in cumin seeds enhances the production of white blood cells resulting in sharpening of the immune system in our body. Include more of this spice to strengthen your body’s resistant power.

Immune System

Eradicates Harmful Radicals:

This special spice has the ability to destroy the harmful radicals produced in our body as a by-product of metabolism of cells. The radicals if not eliminated can cause more lethal problems like tumor formation.


So prepare cuisines with the addition of cumin to increase the aroma, taste and to lead a healthy lifestyle as well.