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15 Health Benefits Of Drink A Cup Of Hot Water Everyday

15 Health Benefits Of Drink A Cup Of Hot Water Everyday

A cup of hot water, preferably with a few drops of fresh lemon juice works well for your body. You can have this early in the morning before your breakfast. Having a cup of hot water every morning is effective in increase core body temperature. It also helps in improving circulation and allows you to detox at a faster rate. Here are some reasons why you should include this as a part of your diet.

Benefits Of Drinking Hot Water Every Morning:


Hot water is extremely good for digestion. Cold water just after heavy meals works to harden the oil consumed through food.

Aids Digestion

Reduces Cancer Risk

Rich and oily foods lead to deposits of fat in the intestine which increase the risk of intestine cancer. A cup of hot water after a heavy meal will help in digestion and help in removing toxins and waste easily from your body.


Enhances Blood Circulation

A cup of hot water helps in enhancing blood circulation. This helps in clearing the blood which is good for heart health. Enhanced blood circulation means better health.

Blood Circulation

Lose Weight

Hot water is extremely good for your metabolism. Those who are trying to lose weight should have a cup of hot water every morning. It is a great way to start metabolism. Hot water also helps in breaking down adipose tissue or body fat easily.

Weight Loss


A cup of hot water early in the morning is known to kick start the metabolism of human body. It is good for the functioning of all organs of the body.

Increase Metabolism

Nervous System

A cup of hot water helps in improving blood circulation of the body. This helps in fat removal from the body. It helps in breaking down deposits from the nervous system and ensures proper function.

nervous system


A cup of hot water is the best way to detoxify your body. As you drink hot water, your body temperature starts rising which induces sweat. This helps in releasing toxins from the body and cleanses it. For additional benefit, you can add a few drops of lemon juice in the hot water.

Lack Of Detoxification


Hot water helps in ensuring your bowel movement is smooth and painless. Dehydration causes chronic constipation and the stool gets collected in the intestine. Bowel movement gets slow. A cup of hot water early in the morning keeps your bowel regular.



A cup of hot water in the morning helps in reducing menstrual cramps. Heat from water offers a soothing and calming effect on abdominal muscles. This helps in curing spasms and cramps.

muscle cramps

Heals Nasal Congestion

A cup of hot water helps in dissolving phlegm and removes it easily from the nasal strip. This clears the nose and offers quick relief.

clearing nasal passages

Anti Aging

Its important to keep toxins out of your body or they will make you age faster. Drinking hot waters works to repair skin cells which help in building skin elasticity which are otherwise affected by the free radicals.

Prevents Aging

Hair Growth

A cup of hot water offers good energy to hair cells. It promotes hair growth and reduces hair fall amazingly.

beautiful hairs

Healthy Skin, No Infection

Drinking hot water regularly helps in keeping away skin damages and will keep your skin smooth. It helps in removing toxins from the body which assures clear and healthy skin.

Healthy Skin

Treats Rashes, Pimples And Acne

Hot water cleanses the body effectively and removes all root causes of infections which give rise to pimples, acne and rashes. It helps to give a clearer skin or complexion.

Fights off acne

Removes Dandruff

Hot water helps in removing dandruff and keeps your scalp clean and healthy. A cup of hot water every morning keeps the scalp healthy.

Treats Dandruff