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15 Health Benefits Of Drinking Iced Tea

15 Health Benefits Of Drinking Iced Tea

15 Health Benefits Of Drinking Iced Tea

Iced tea is refreshing and a welcome drink almost anytime! It is easy to prepare and can be had anytime of the day for that sudden burst of additional energy or simply as a refreshing dink. There are many healthy reasons to have iced tea everyday – are you having your iced tea daily?

Why You Should Drink Iced Tea At Least Once In A Day:

Substitute Healthy Drink

Do you know that iced tea helps is a healthy substitute of many drinks; remember to have a cup of unsweetened one though. It has zero calories and can be substituted for any fruit juice, soda or other drinks which are rich in calories.

Drink Iced Tea


Iced tea is rich in antioxidants which helps the body fight away infections and many diseases. It helps in strengthening the immunity system naturally which improves overall health.


Free Radicals Removal

Having unsweetened iced tea every day helps in removing free radicals from the body. Free radicals in the body are responsible for a number of health conditions which cause damage to the body.

Free Radical Damage

Vitamin C

Adding a pinch of lemon juice of citrus elements in iced tea not just enhances the flavor but helps the body with additional dose of vitamin C which is excellent for overall health.

Prevents Cancer

Iced tea works to remove free radicals from the body. These free radicals are mainly responsible for causing cancer. Iced tea, (unsweetened variety) helps in reducing risks of many types of cancer.


Tissue Health

Manganese present in unsweetened iced tea helps in activating manganese supeoxide dismutase. This is a healthy enzyme which is highly effective in preventing tissue damage. It helps in maintaining healthy tissues.

Tissue Health


Iced tea helps in reducing obesity! Though this is not a direct health benefit, yet having iced tea regularly reduces you sugary drinks consumptions or juices which helps in weight loss in the long run. It quenches thirst and does not add calories.


Wound Healing

Unsweetened ice tea offers a rich dose of magnesium which plays an important part in wound healing. One cup of fresh iced tea offers 520 micrograms of manganese which is quite close to daily magnesium requirement of the body.

Wound Healing

Bone Health

Unsweetened iced tea in the diet offers 23% of daily magnesium requirement in men and as much as 35% daily magnesium requirement in women. This is extremely helpful in maintaining bone health. It works to support metabolism too.

Healthy Bones


Unsweetened iced tea is a highly effective refreshment. It offers a relaxing and rejuvenating effect on the mind and body, especially after a hard day at work.


Natural Drink

Unsweetened iced tea offers all the natural benefits of tea without adding to extra calories. It does not add extra calories while providing all benefits of natural tea.

Bad Breath

Just as hot tea, iced tea helps in combating problems of bad breath, even acute cases of mouth odor. Adding mint enhancing the taste of the tea and helps in bad breath too.

bad breath

Prevents Plaque

Ice tea helps in reducing plaque and other dental problems. It is highly effective in combating cavity inducing plaque and tooth decay, primarily due to absence of sugar in the tea.

Cures dental problems

Stress Buster

Iced tea is a great stress buster. It works as an antibiotic to help people tackle high levels of stress, anxiousness and other disorders.

Reduces Stress

Safe And Healthy

Iced tea is a safer and healthier option than sodas or artificially flavored sweet aerated drinks which we often tend to consume when extreme thirsty. Ice tea is healthy, safe and completely refreshing.

Safe And Healthy