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15 Health Benefits Of Galbanum Essential Oil


Galbanum is botanically known as Ferula galbaniflua. This plant is native to today’s Iran, previously known as Persia. Galbanum is grown in Northern India and Afghanistan. Galbanum essential oil is extracted from the resin by steam distillation and having a floral and fruity smell. This distinct floral aroma of galbanum essential oil has made it as an ingredient in various fragrances. The resinous gum is taken from the roots by cutting them. This extracted resin is hardened to form tears of galbanum, which is used for steam distillation. Some of the normal uses and health uses of galbanum essential oil are mentioned in this article.

Here Are Some Cool Benefits Of Galbanum Essential Oil:

Distinct Aroma

Galbanum essential oil comprises of high amounts of monoterpenes and low amounts of pyrazines. Though monoterpenes are present in large quantities in this essential oil, the distinct aroma is available from pyrazines.

Distinct Aroma

Anti-rheumatic And Anti-arthritic

Galbanum essential oil improves blood circulation in the body and the joints. This oil also enhances the elimination of toxic substances from the body such as water, uric acid and salts.



This oil is utilized for treating muscular spasms. It relieves muscle cramps and muscle pulls in the athletes and sportsmen. This oil is also useful for relaxing nerves and muscles and also efficient on eliminating nerve spasms, spasms of respiratory tract and intestines.

muscle cramps


If you have several scars on the face and if you want to inevitably get rid of them, galbanum essential oil will be more helpful. The scars left by the wounds or acne or pimples or pox are eliminated using this oil that acts as a Cicatrisant. This essential oil is useful in enhancing the growth of new cells and tissues. The new tissue will help in replacing the damaged tissues of the scars.

Heals Acne


The congestion resulting from bronchitis can be removed with the help of galbanum essential oil. This oil is helpful in clearing the congestion present in the lungs, bronchi, larynx, nasal tracts, and pharynx. Galbanum oil helps to gain good sleep in spite of cough, bronchitis or cold and allows the person to breathe easily.



Toxins from the blood are eliminated by this oil and the boils, abscesses and acne are treated by this oil. Galbanum oil has impact on the hormone production which has further influence on the sebum production from the sebaceous glands.

More Red Blood Cells


Galbanum essential oil revitalizes the aged skin and makes it to look young and toned. The skin wrinkles are removed and makes the sagging skin look good, fat cracks and stretch marks on the skin are eliminated. The skin is kept smooth, shiny and free from infections.

Prevents Aging


Galbanum essential oil helps in stimulating and promoting the circulation of lymph and blood in the body. This oil provides relief from the diseases such as arthritis, gout and rheumatism due to the blocked circulation.

Blood Circulation


Insects are repelled by the odor of galbanum essential oil. It can be included in the incense sticks, vaporizers and room fresheners to drive away the mosquitoes, cockroaches, insects, ants and flies. This oil kills certain insects, while it is not effective against cockroaches.

Keeps insects and mosquitoes away


Galbanum essential oil is effective against parasites of humans and pets. These parasites can be lice, fleas, mosquitoes, bed bugs and other parasites. This oil is added to the bath water and also in the shampoo to eliminate the problem of lice from the hair.

Head Lice

Heals Wounds

Galbanum essential oil is useful in healing wounds. It enhances the crowding of platelets and leukocytes at the place of injury. This oil also inhibits microbial growth in the injury area and helps the wound to heal faster.

Cures cuts and wounds

Heals Sores And Ulcers

This oil is helpful in curing the internal and external ulcers and sores. It also provides relief from the muscular problems involved with lymph. Its aroma helps an individual to recover from trauma, shock and depression.

Stomach Ulcers

Nerve Smoothening

Galbanum essential oil mixed with oils of rose, grape fruit, lemon, or orange emanates fragrances that soothens the nerves. Psychosomatic disorders, stress relief and panic attacks are handled efficiently by the galbanum oil mixed with jasmine, lotus, ylang-ylang, frankincense, cardamom, and tuberose oils. The research regarding this property of galbanum oil is not widely done. But, its nerve soothing effect encourages the people suffering from claustrophobia and agrophobia.

Reduce Stress Levels

Answers Skin Disorders

The resin from this plant is useful to form a covering on the skin ulcers, insect bites, snake bites, skin inflammation and abscesses. It is mixed with wheat germ oil and almond oil and applied to the skin for nearly six times in a day.

Treats Skin Problems


Galbanum essential oil is used as a fixative in preparing a perfume.