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15 Health Benefits Of Ice Cream Bean Fruits

15 Health Benefits Of Ice Cream Bean Fruits

15 Health Benefits Of Ice Cream Bean Fruits

Ice cream bean fruit tastes wonderful! It has a sweet taste and its seeds and leaves are edible too. They are rich in many vitamins, proteins and fiber. Having ice cream bean fruits on regular basis will improve your immunity and help to fight against many diseases and infections. Here are some reasons why you should include these in your diet.

Ice Cream Bean Fruits Health Benefits:


Ice cream bean fruits are excellent for treating rheumatism with its anti-inflammatory properties. It is good for bone health. It helps in keeping bones strong and healthy.



Ice cream beans is rich in antioxidants which means they are effective in neutralizing free radicals which cause many chronic diseases.

Free Radical Damage

Weight Loss

This fruit has a flavor quite similar to vanilla ice-cream. It is often used as a flavoring agent for a variety of desserts by weight conscious people. It helps in weight loss as unlike ice cream it is calorie free.

Weight Loss

Anti Inflammatory

They are popular for their anti-inflammatory properties. Regular consumption of these bean fruits offers relief from inflammation caused due to infections of any kind.

Prevents Inflammation

Prevents Cancer

Ice Cream Bean fruits contain compounds like flavonol quercetin, gallic acid and epicatechin which are anti-cancer. Include these fruits in your diet to reduce risks of cancer.

Fights Cancer


Ice cream bean fruits help in digestion with the presence of trypsin and chymotrypsin which work to convert proteins into amino acids. Thus, nutritional benefit of foods are easily extracted.


Cures Headache

Ice Cream Bean fruits offer relief from immense headache which includes migraine pain. The leaves can be eaten everyday as a treatment for migraine or tension headache.


Prevents Gas or Flatulence

With the presence of chymotrypsin in this fruit all risks of gas or flatulence is reduced. Having these on a regular basis helps in getting rid of chronic gas problems.

gastric probems

Treats Dysentery

The seeds of the fruit are highly nutritious. They work as an excellent health remedy for people suffering from dysentery. The seeds can be extracted and cooked.

Stomach Problems

Immunity Booster

The fruit is rich in antioxidants which means it helps the body fight against many infections and diseases. It is a strong immunity booster.

Helps In Boosting Immunity

Mood Enhancer

Consuming the fruit on a regular basis helps in reducing stress and anxiety being rich in antioxidants. It brings about positivity and high energy.

Energy Levels

Cure For Nerve Problems

Ice Cream bean leaves help in treating nerve problems without any side effects which happens in case of medicines.

Nerve Problems


Ice Cream bean fruit helps in reducing high cholesterol. This is a great item to include in your diet when you are looking forward to reduce saturated fats or high cholesterol foods from your diet.

Reduces Bad Cholesterol

Removes Toxins

Ice Cream bean fruits helps in removing toxins from the body with its antioxidant properties. Having 8 glasses of water throughout the day helps in removing toxins easily.


Cures Depression

Ice Cream bean fruits are highly recommended for people suffering from anxiety. Antioxidants present in this fruit helps in secretion of ‘feel good’ hormones which help in curing depression in the long run.

Treats depression