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15 Health Benefits Of Neem Flower

Health Benefits Of Neem Flower

Neem tree offers several health benefits; all parts of this tree are useful and known for its medicinal use. The flowers, just as the leaves have plenty of therapeutic benefits which explains its many uses in ayurvedic medicines since ages.

Why Neem Flowers Are Good For Health

1. Digestive Health

Neem flowers help in improving digestive health. They are used mainly in their dry, powdered form for cooking. It can be included in its fried, boiled, dried or roasted forms in rice dishes and in sauces for therapeutic purpose.

Good For Digestive Health

2. Improves Eyesight

Dried flowers are good for eyes and used to treat eye problems. It is generally ingested for improving eye health. Including dried flower powder in recipes works equally well.


3. Skin Problems

Dried neem flowers are powdered and mixed with the leaves to prepare beauty packs for treating excess oil secretion, reducing acne and pimple and also to cure itching problems. Fresh paste prepared from the leaves mixed with dried flowers can be applied for relief from skin rashes and infections.

Treats Skin Problems

4. Aromatherapy

Neem flower oil is a beneficial essential oil used in aroma therapy treatment. Dried flowers are mixed with oil and applied for better effectiveness. It has a relaxing effect and helps in soothing and calming the mind. It is used in natural creams, astringents and for massaging.

Try Aromatherapy

5. Hair Treatment

Dandruff and itchy scalp can be treatment with dried flowers. Prepare a paste from the leaves and dry neem flowers and apply on scalp on a regular basis. It is anti-dandruff, removes scalp itchiness and offers relief. It cleanses the scalp and gives a natural shine to hair.

Beer hair treatment

6. Liver Health

Dried flowers can be powdered and consumed every morning mixed in a glass of warm water. It helps in cleansing the liver and removes unwanted toxins from the body. It is good for liver health as it acts as a purifier.

Detoxes Your Liver

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7. Blood Detoxification

Dried neem flowers in their powdered form can be consumed every morning with a glass of water. It helps in blood detoxification and purifies the body internally. This means clearer and glowing complexion.

Blood Cleansing

8. Improves Metabolism

Consuming neem flowers on a regular basis helps in improving metabolism. It improves blood circulation, is good for immunity and offers great positivity.

Increase Metabolism

9. Blood Sugar Balancing

Neem flowers can help in balancing blood sugar levels – it keeps diabetes away. It is specially beneficial for those who have a family history of high blood sugar.

Stabilizes Blood Sugar

10. Treats Allergies

Dried neem leaves can be mixed with neem paste and applied to treat allergies and itching caused due to allergies. Neem flower is known for its anti-bacterial property which helps in curing allergies.

Prevents Allergies

11. Natural Contraceptive

Dried neem flowers work as a natural contraceptive. It is non hormonal and non toxic in nature. Its alcoholic extract works to disrupt the estrous cycle which blocks ovulation partially.

Natural Contraceptive

12. Treats Wounds

Mix dried neem flowers with neem honey and apply on all rashes and wounds. It naturally treats skin infections and wounds with its anti-bacterial properties.

Cures cuts and wounds

13. Weight Loss

Neem flowers are extremely effective in losing fat, mostly from the belly area. The flower is known for its potent properties which help in fat breakdown.

Aids in Weight Loss

14. Prevents Blackheads

Dried neem flowers help in treating blackheads. You need to mix neem oil with dried neem leaves and apply this directly on the blackheads. Doing this regularly will help in reducing the occurrences.


15. Reduces Skin Dryness

Neem flower is known for its moisturizing property. It helps to moisturize and remove excessive dryness without making the skin look oily. It adds a complete balance to the skin, thereby enhancing your entire looks.

Dry Skin