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15 Health Benefits Of Pumpkins You Probably Weren’t Aware Of

15 Health Benefits Of Pumpkins

15 Health Benefits Of Pumpkins

Most of us like to discard pumpkin from our diet, due to the rather flavor-less nature of the vegetable and also because of the fact that we tend to have a popular misconception about its health benefits. Although pumpkin seeds are gaining the much-needed popularity of late now, pumpkin as a vegetable is yet to be considered for its rather immense beneficial properties. Listed below are some amazing health benefits of pumpkin that are surely stunning and jaw dropping.

Following Health Benefits Of Pumpkins You Probably Weren’t Aware Of:

Blood Pressure

Pumpkin is a wonder food for people suffering from heart related problems like hypertension. Pumpkin is one of the best sources of potassium, vitamin C and fiber- all of which are known to support and promote heart health. An adequate amount of potassium in blood is in fact regarded as extremely important for good heart health.

Blood Pressure


Being a good source of vitamin C and antioxidant, pumpkin helps to keep the immune system boosted and actively working.

Helps In Boosting Immunity

Eye Health

Vitamin A is a quintessential vitamin for eye health and it is mainly due to vitamin A deficiency that people start facing problems with their vision. Hence; if you have been facing some problems with your vision or is trying to preserve your child’s eye health, make sure that you incorporate some good amount of pumpkin in his or her diet.

Healthy Eyes

Control Stress And Anxiety

Pumpkin is rich in a type of amino acid, known as Tryptophan. Tryptophan encourages production of mood enhancing serotonin neurotransmitters, which in turn help to relax the mind by controlling stress and anxiety. Hence; if you have been feeling restless and over anxious lately, pumpkins can do some wonders for you.

Reduce Stress Levels


Pumpkins are one of the best foods which can fight and prevent prostate and other types of cancers, thanks to the high level of beta carotinoids and other antioxidants packed in it. While it is practically not possible to treat cancer with, a pumpkin-rich diet will definitely help to prevent the onset of the disease.


Weight Reduction

Pumpkin aids in weight reduction by providing abundant fiber to the body and keeping it feeling full all day long. While its high fiber content curbs hunger pangs, it also helps with detoxification process, thus directly promoting weight loss.

Lose Weight


Pumpkin is a good source of zinc, an element that is vital for sound sex life and fertility in men. It improves over all sex life by boosting libido and providing protection against impotency and infertility. Other than in men, pumpkin is beneficial for sex life of women as well, as pumpkin is loaded with vitamin A and iron, both are considered vital for ensuring safer pregnancy and better lactation capabilities.

Male Fertility

Sleep Disorder

Sleep often gets disrupted as a result of stress and anxiety and this kind of a problem upon becoming attaining a chronic state can easily lead to serious health issues like insomnia. Pumpkin has the ability to calm stressed mind and lift mood by generating mood enhancing neurotransmitters.



Pumpkin is extremely low in cholesterol and is therefore one of best food options for people with heart problems. Other than begin low in cholesterol, pumpkin also supports heart health for being a high fiber containing vegetable.

Heart Ailments

Treat Intestinal Worms

Pumpkin seeds can rid the body of intestinal worms like tapeworms and other gut parasites and it has been used as a popular remedy for treating intestinal worms in Africa for centuries.

Cure Intestinal Worms

Better Digestion

Fiber is quintessential for better digestion and bowel movement and pumpkin being extremely high in fiber quantity, promotes better digestion. Hence; if you are facing any digestive problems, make sure that you settle for a lot of pumpkin in your regular diet.

improves digestion

Feel Fuller

Pumpkin being high in fiber quantity helps one to stay feeling full and satiated for a long time, thus helping that person fight hunger pangs and lose weight faster and in a healthier manner.

feel fuller

Cholesterol Control

100 grams of pumpkin is known to release 26 grams of calories and the vegetable is also found to be containing no traces of cholesterol. This is therefore one of the best herbs for people having cholesterol and heart problems.

Reduces Bad Cholesterol

Protect Skin

High vitamin C and E content of pumpkin makes it an ideal vegetable for maintaining skin health. Other than that, antioxidants found in pumpkin are also known to be able to protect skin from the damaging effects of free radicals and postpone aging.

Healthy Skin

Hair Regrowth

Last but not the least, pumpkin is also very good for our manes, as high quantities of vitamin A found in it help to maintain a healthy scalp. Zinc found in pumpkin is known to promote hair regrowth.

Hair Straightening