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15 Healthy Reasons To Eat Butter

Healthy Reasons To Eat Butter

Eating your bread or chappati with a big blob of butter in the centre is a divine feeling! But lately, people have started abstaining from the use of butter due to fear of high cholesterol, heart ailments, and obesity. There are a lot o fads associated with the complications butter can cause, but it is for sure that raw organic or home made butter has many nutritional benefits and it is much better than margarine which comprises of the fatal ‘trans fats’. We need butter to lubricate the joints and it also supplies nutrition and good cholesterol to the body. It is an essential healthy oil and is responsible in maintaining hormonal balance, longevity, strong bones and muscles, and great skin texture.

The Health Benefits Of Butter Are-

Vitamin A –

Butter contains vitamin A that is responsible for healthy vision and controlling hormonal functions of the thyroid and adrenal glands. With healthy hormonal activity, this, in turn, influences the cardiovascular health and is beneficial for its healthy functioning.

Vitamin A


Butter contains trace minerals like zinc, potassium, copper, chromium and manganese which the body requires for various activities. It also contains vitamin D, K, and E. Bones, muscles, skin and hair, all these body parts along with the internal organs can be benefitted with the intake of butter. Butter contains Activator X that helps the body in absorbing minerals from food.


Healthy Fats-

Though fats could be linked to weight gain, heart and cholesterol issues, our body needs healthy fats for lubrication of joints and bones, muscle growth, arteries to function well and skin and hair to get a smooth and elastic texture. Butter is made of medium and short chain fatty acids which are beneficial for a strong immune system and healthy metabolism. These fats also keep the gut healthy.

Healthy Fats

Omega 3 And Omega 6-

Omega fats have always been known to be beneficial for the heart, brain, and skin. These fats are the healthy fats required by the body to fight ailments and keep diseases away.

Omega 3 And Omega 6

Conjugated Linolic Acid(CLA)-

Butter sourced from pastured cows are healthy and contains CLA which can thwart the growth of cancer cells and tumors. It has a high antioxidant capacity and can protect against cancers and also helps in converting the body fat into muscles.

Conjugated Linolic Acid(CLA)

Wulzen Factor-

Cream and raw butter contain the Wulzen factor which is a hormone that can prevent the deposition of calcium in the joints instead of bones and prevent joint stiffness. Hence. bone related diseases like arthritis can be eradicated with the use of butter. This quality helps in preventing the hardening of arteries and diseases like cataracts.

Wulzen Factor


Butter contains good cholesterol that is essential for the heart and acts as a brain antioxidant. The cholesterol found in butter is essential for the brain and nervous system development of children. Butter also contains an element called lecithin which controls the cholesterol metabolism in the body.



Eating butter can prevent diarrhea in kids and the elements in butter help in protecting the gastrointestinal tracts by providing them with healthy bacteria. It can help in treating the infections of the gut in young and adults and also aids in smooth digestion.


Weight Control-

Butter contains short and medium fatty acids that can be easily digested by the body and quickly converted to energy, increasing the metabolism and thus, controlling weight. They also provide the body with a feeling of fullness and reduces cravings and overeating. Hence, we can easily eat good quality raw butter in moderation without worrying of weight gain.

Weight Control


It has anti-fungal and antiviral properties to protect against candida and fungal infections. The antioxidants in butter work to fight against free radical damage and are anti-tumor in nature. These antioxidants protect the body against cancers and also prevent weakening of the arteries. The vitamins increase the immunity of the body against day to day diseases.


Bone And Teeth Health-

The vitamin D in butter is essential to absorb and use calcium for the bones and teeth. Certain components in butter protect the teeth against tooth decay and damage. The vitamin K2 protects the bones and teeth and makes them strong and healthy.

Bone And Teeth Health


Iodine is a vital component that supports the working of the thyroid gland which controls the balance in the body. It is available in a very absorbable and usable form in butter.


Vitamin E-

This vitamin is required for maintaining the elasticity of the skin by keeping the production of collagen healthy. It is needed for the smooth texture and nourishment of the skin and hair and is amply found in butter.

Vitamin E

Brain And Nerve Health-

Selenium is an important mineral found in butter that is necessary for brain and nerve development. Arachidonic acid or AA found in butter supports the cell membrane functions and aids in the development of the cells and tissues of the brain and nerves.

Brain And Nerve Health

Fertility In Women-

Some compounds found in butter can treat fertility issues and increase the fertility of women who are trying to conceive.

Fertility In Women