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15 Natural And Easily Available Skincare Foods In Your Kitchen

15 Natural And Easily Available Skincare Foods In Your Kitchen

Everyone wants healthy, radiant and blemish free skin. Chemically loaded skin products may not just harm your skin they may also not be as effective as they claim to be. Why hunt for expensive skincare products when your kitchen has a host of natural foods that can help improve the skin and handle any infection, marks or other issues in an easy, effective manner? Listed here are 15 natural skincare foods picked directly from the kitchen and ready-to-use for great skincare!


Oatmeal is not just a fiber packed cereal its high omega-3 fatty acid content as well good levels of iron, thiamine, beta-glucan make it good nourishment for skin. Oatmeal help exfoliates and clears oil and grime from blocked skin cells.

Banana, Oatmeal Pack


Yogurt contains lactic acid and can hydrate, soothe and whiten your skin. It also reduces inflammation, treats acne and clears sun tanning. Pamper your skin with yogurt combined with Fuller’s earth or honey or just slather it on for a gentle massage and tone-up.



All kinds of fruits-bananas, Lime, pineapple, watermelon, papaya, pomegranates, apples, berries or grapes etc are good for your skin. You can pulp them, slice, blend or cut, dry and powder them for applying. Fruits have active ingredients, enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants that naturally open up the skin pores and nourish the skin.

Fruits And Vegetables


Coffee is good for perking up not just your mood but also your skin! Ground coffee beans are a great remedy for any skin irritation or puffiness. Coffee when applied regularly with coconut oil can improve the skin’s texture and remove blemishes.



With protein and moisturizing ability, eggs are a good skincare option. Apply beaten egg whites to your skin, to acne spots, or include in a face mask for a good tone-up effect.

Eggs (2)


Raw onions particularly the red ones are high in sulfur and other acidic components making them a good cleanser for all skin types. You can add onion juice to juice of tomatoes, lime, grapefruit, oatmeal etc and apply on your skin for reducing blemishes and impurities.



Tomatoes can repair and restore skin. It has vitamin C and all four carotenoids- Lycopene, lutein, alpha and beta carotenoids and  can remove dead skin and blackheads. Be it sun-damaged skin, acne affected spots or burn marks, treat your skin to tomato juice or sliced tomato and watch the magic happen.



Packed with vitamin C, lemon is a great skincare food helping deal with most skin issues. It is antibacterial, anti-fungal, removes oil, lightens sun-tans, scars, removes dead skin and gives your skin the essential exfoliation! Use cut lemon directly or dab its juice wherever required, on your skin.

lemon juice 2


The starchy potato is a remarkable skin cleanser. Peeled potatoes or juice of raw potato can be applied to skin for a natural bleaching effect.

Sweet Potatoes

Walnuts & Almonds

Do you have walnuts, almonds, raisins and other dry fruits stored in your kitchen for adding on to cakes and brownies? Use them to nourish your skin as well! A handful of these ground together and blended with some yogurt make for a no-fail skin care remedy.

almonds and walnuts


Honey is another healthy food that’s good for skin. Honey can be combined with many other foods and kitchen ingredients in a multitude of ways for skin moisturizing and blemish-reducing effect. It is also mildly antibiotic and removes oil. Honey combined with cinnamon powder and mint is a great skincare recipe if you have acne.

Cinnamon With Honey


Both brown and white sugars as well as sugar cubes exfoliate skin and fade out scars. Surprisingly, sugar also has mild anti-infective properties, so coarse sugar can be used with lemon juice, yogurt, honey and other ingredients as a routine scrub to keep the skin toned and clean.

Avoid Salt And Sugar


Used in many marinades, sauces and salads, your kitchen vinegar, both white or apple cider is excellent for skin health. You can dilute and apply it directly and even wash your face regularly for removing excess oil, cleaning blackheads and antimicrobial effect.


Apricot Kernel

Don’t throw away the seeds of apricot after you munch on them! The kernel inside the seed is a highly nutritious and skin friendly food. You can crush and apply it as a scrub. If you have oil of apricot kernel in your kitchen, even better! Great for cooking, the oil also is a natural skincare potion. It is non sticky and can be directly used as a facial serum or an overnight cream to replenish skin of essential moisture.

apricote kernels


Garlic is an incredibly effective skin specialist. How you apply it- crushed or juiced out is up to you, but garlic, with components like sulfur, zinc and allicin and can clear bacterial or fungal skin infections. Add it to your skincare pack for an extra punch.