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15 Natural Ways To Stay Awake Minus The Caffeine

15 Natural Ways To Stay Awake Minus The Caffeine

Minus The Caffeine

It is not a good habit to drink coffee all the time in order to stay wide awake and attentive while doing work. This can be addictive. It is true that caffeine can wake up your sleepy mind enabling you to do your work much more efficiently. But you need to think of the negative side of caffeine as well. Excessive intake of foodstuff containing caffeine can cause many side effects like palpitation, being too energetic, anxiety and many related nervous disorders. There are many other ways and options which can be followed if you need to avoid sleep.

 These Are Some Of The Safe And Easy Techniques To Keep Your Mind Fresh And Sleep-Free:

 Drink Green Tea:

When you feel that you need a cup of coffee, change your mind instantly and go for green tea. This tea not only provides you with energy and makes you lively but also very useful in maintaining the overall health of your body. Even a plain black tea is preferable and better when compared to caffeine rich coffees.

Green Tea

Have Chewing Gum:

Munching on a chewing gum can make your sleepy head brighter right away. The movement of your jaws stimulates the nerves to the brain making them active and alert. Furthermore, it improves the blood flow in your brain. So chew a gum while you are working late hours at office.

Sugar Free Chewing Gum

Eat More Apples:

The high quantity of carbohydrates, fructose and other minerals makes apple an ideal sleep- inhibiting fruit. Simply eat an apple to keep your sleep away. This is a healthy habit as well.


Take Short Slumbers:

When do you a work continuously, it can be stressful to the eyes and body. Take short rests or naps for about 15 min in between. This can refresh your mind and restore your lost energy immediately. So you can continue your work without coffee.

 Avoid oily And Heavy Food:

Oily food can be considered as rich and tasty. They are liked by many and can draw us towards them and make us to eat a lot which can be disastrous in the end. Eating a lot of oily food makes us sleepy and light-headed. So avoid oily food to stay awake.

Avoid oily And Heavy Food

Take Small Meals:

Instead of consuming a large quantity of food at once which makes you dozy and dreamy, opt for small meals 5 or 6 times a day. This can increase your energy level at all times and can put a stop to the sleepy symptoms from occurring in your mind.

Take Regular Meals

Splash Water On Your Face:

Washing your face when you doze off is a normal thing but your eyes will get tired after a few minutes itself. Instead, take handfuls of water and splash them onto your face especially around the eyes area. This method can wipe away your sleepiness and weariness at once.

wash the face

Do Some Stretching Exercises:

It is not good to sit in one place and work for a long time. This can freeze your limbs and joints. If this is prolonged, it can lead to joint and bone problems. Take some break in between your work and stretch out your hands and legs.

Do Exercises

Keep Yourself Moving:

Do not remain in one place for a long time. At least stand up and walk in between your hectic regime. This can decrease the sleeping symptoms.

Keep Yourself Moving

Consume Chocolate:

Some researchers have found that chocolates contain the compound which can erase the drowsiness from our brain. This is good news for chocolate lovers. Have one or two bars of chocolate when you feel sleepy. It is better to consume dark chocolate as it can improve your memory power and reduce your sleepiness as well.

Dark Chocolates

Concentrate On Your Work:

Focusing on your work properly is a great way in getting rid of sleep. Concentrate on your task 100%. By remaining busy and keeping your mind at work, your urge to complete the work successfully can slowly diminish the feelings of sleepiness gradually.

Concentrate On Your Work

Keep Yourself Hydrated:

Another fact that many fail to understand is that lack of water in our body can cause drowsiness. When you work hard but didn’t drink enough water, your veins get dehydrated which makes your body tired and worn-out. Have a bottle of water at your desk and drink once in 30 min to avoid this problem.


Do Not Use Dull Lights:

Sitting in a gloomy office or room can instantly make you want to sleep. Increase the intensity of your lights and sit in a brightly lit room to awaken your mind.

Do Not Use Dull Lights

Get Some Fresh Air:

When you feel totally drowsy and feel that you couldn’t stand it anymore, stand up immediately and get out of your work place. Go to a balcony or even out of the building. Close your eyes and inhale some fresh air. This method can freshen up your dreamy mind.

Get Some Fresh Air

Massaging Treatment:

Simply massage with your fingers at the top of your head and neck when sleep disturbs you. Press gently and apply a little pressure to rouse your mind.