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15 Steps To Cut Out Processed Food From Your Diet

Steps To Cut Out Processed Food From Your Diet

We all know that for good health it is important to have whole foods. Processed foods though easy and tasty to eat are devoid of fibers .They have too much of added sugars and salts and also loaded with trans fats and saturated fats. They are therefore detrimental for our health. It is therefore better to avoid them as much as possible. You may find it difficult to avoid them completely initially but you can go step by step to remove them from your diet. Mentioned below are steps to cut processed food from your diet.

Switch To Natural Sugars:

Keep a strict vigil on your sugar intake. Avoid the refined sugars as much as possible. Switch to natural sugars like honey, natural maple syrup, and molasses but limit the intake of natural sugars as well.

Switch To Natural Sugars

Switch To Natural Beverages:

Canned juices and sodas are loaded with sugars and calories and should be avoided totally. Instead opt for natural fruit juices and vegetable juices but make sure that you do not add any sugar to it. If tea and coffee is a must then limit the intake and sweeten them with natural sweeteners like honey.

Switch To Natural Beverages


Strictly Say No To Fast Food And Fried Food:

When you eat fast foods and fried foods you stack up your body with loads of unhealthy stuff which has several harmful effects. So fast foods and fried food is out of question.

Strictly Say No To Fast Food And Fried Food

Increase Intake Of Fresh And Raw Fruits And Vegetables:

Make sure you increase the uptake of fresh and raw fruits and vegetables in your diet. Include fruits and salads in every meal. Not only are they tasty, they keep you full for longer time and they are loaded with lots of nutrients that keep you healthy.

Increase Intake Of Fresh And Raw Fruits And Vegetables

Switch To Healthier Oils:

Avoid the use of hydrogenated vegetable oil, refined oils like canola and corn, margarine etc. Switch to healthier oils. Make use of coconut oil and olive oil which are good for health and can be used both for cooking as well as for salad dressings.

Switch To Healthier Oils

Increase The Intake Of Whole Grain Foods:

Avoid eating refined flour products as they have no fiber and nutrients. Wheat too can be bad for those suffering from gluten intolerance. It therefore makes sense in opting for whole grain foods like whole grain bread, pastas, cereals etc.

Increase The Intake Of Whole Grain Foods

Avoid Foods Which Have Low Fat/lite/non Fat Tags:

It should be remembered that in order to cut down on the fats most of the times sugars and carbohydrates are added and hence these food products don’t work and you end up gaining weight after eating these so called low fat products.

Avoid Foods Which Have Low Fat/lite/non Fat Tags

Develop A Taste For New Whole Foods:

Try out new whole foods everyday and develop a taste for it. Whole foods are foods that are basically in their natural form with no artificial substances added to it. As you increase the list of whole foods ,you will have a variety of whole foods that you can eat and that will automatically cut down the intake of processed food.

Develop A Taste For New Whole Foods

Use Organic Meat:

Avoid the use of processed meat products. Eat only organic meat preferably one that is cooked at home. Also limit the intake of meat as too much meat is not good for health and can lead to cardiovascular diseases.

Use Organic Meat

Give Importance To Local Foods:

Develop a habit of eating locally grown organic foods like grains, vegetables and fruits. The advantage of eating local whole foods is that they will be fresh.

Give Importance To Local Foods

Avoid All That Is Artificial:

Don’t eat anything that has artificial ingredients and that should include everything artificial and not just preservatives, colors and flavoring agents.

Avoid All That Is Artificial

Avoid Foods With Too Many Ingredients:

In the first place avoid but if you must buy a processed food product then make sure that it does not have more than 5 ingredients. Also avoid all those products which has ingredients that you are not aware of or have not heard of.

Avoid All Products With Artificial Sweetening Agents:

Strictly avoid all products with artificial sweetening agents .This includes white sugar, stevia, fruit juice concentrate, cane juice, corn syrup and everything.

Avoid All Products With Artificial Sweetening Agents

Stop Eating When Your Stomach Feels Full:

Inculcate the habit of not eating when your body sends signals that it does not need more food.

Stop Eating When Your Stomach Feels Full

Don’t Give Into Cravings:

Your body may have got addicted to the processed foods and may crave for it. But don’t give into these cravings and have control on your body.

Don’t Give Into Cravings

By following these simple steps you can definitely avoid processed foods and lead a healthier life.