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15 Super Health Benefits Of Camel’s Milk


15 Health Benefits Of Camel Milk

The UN has ranked the camel’s milk as the healthiest animal milk in the world. Camel milk has been a part of the staple diet of people of the desert areas and is said to be very close to mother’s milk, and slowly its nutritional benefits are being recognized the world over. The taste of this milk is slightly salty and the fermented variety of this milk is also consumed. As compared to cow’s milk, this milk has a longer shelf life and can be stored up to 4 days.It is lighter on the stomach and easily digestible. In fact, people having mild lactose intolerance can try having camel’s milk. Camel’s milk is packed with nutrition, has antibiotic and healing properties and has a much lesser bacterial content as compared to cow’s milk.

The Health Benefits Of Consuming Camel’s Milk Are:

Weight Loss

Camel’s milk is low in fat content. Having a glass of milk regularly for 10 15 days is said to decrease the waistline considerably. The high mineral content and low calorie and the fat amount in this milk makes is ideal to include it in a fat-loss diet.

Weight Loss


The high insulin dose in camel’s milk is extremely beneficial for diabetes patients. It helps in maintaining the glycemic index or level of blood sugar in the body. It has been found out that the doses of insulin administered to patients are decreased on drinking camel’s milk though further studies are required to establish these facts.



A study was conducted on children and it was found that children suffering from autism who consumed camel’s milk regularly showed vast improvements. In few cases, the symptoms of autism decreased drastically while some behaved more normal and calm.



Those who suffer from milk and food allergies can benefit from the consumption of this milk. Camel’s milk has antibiotic properties and immunoglobulins which help fight bacteria and infections.

Skin Itching and Irritation

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Problems like the Irritable bowel syndrome can be easily treated with the intake of camel’s milk and in addition, it does not have any side effects.

Stomach Ulcer


This milk is easily absorbed by the stomach lining and gets digested easily. Colon infections can be treated with camel’s milk.

Better Digestion

Immune System

Disorders like the Cohn’s disease, hepatitis, and multiple sclerosis can all be treated using camel’s milk. The immune system can be strengthened by regularly drinking camel’s milk and these autoimmune disorders can be cured.

Immune System


Camel’s milk has anti-cancer properties that retard the growth of tumors. Cancers like colon cancers can be treated using camel’s milk owing to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Reduces Risk of Cancer


The high amount of vitamin C in camel’s milk is good for the skin.This vitamin is responsible for protecting collagen which maintains skin elasticity.Alpha hydroxyl acid, which prevents wrinkle formation in the skin is also found in this milk. Even skin problems like acne can be treated using this milk.



The bacterial fighting quality in camel’s milk can help fight diseases like tuberculosis and various lung diseases.

Good For Your Lungs


Bone problems, joint pains, and arthritis can be cured with regular consumption of camel’s milk. It is extremely rich in potassium, zinc, phosphorous, iron, vitamins and manganese and more.

Cures arthritis


The iron content in camel’s milk is 10 times higher than cow’s milk. Hence, deficiencies like anemia are cured by consuming this milk.


Long Shelf Life

Cow’s milk has a shelf life of 1 day and it has to be refrigerated. In contrast,camel’s milk can be stored up to 4 days and bacteria does not develop quickly in it, hence it can be used for travelling in long distances or places where there is no refrigeration facility.

camel milk

Low Lactose

Camel’s milk has low levels of lactose content so people who are mildly lactose intolerant can try this milk, though research on this issue it still ongoing.



An enzyme called the ACE is responsible for hypertension problems. Camel’s milk when consumed in the form of laban is known to restrict this enzyme and treat this condition.