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15 Surprising Benefits Of Milk

15 Surprising Benefits Of Milk

15 Surprising Benefits Of Milk

Milk is a very healthy dairy food that people all over the world like to drink. Milk is equally important for the kids, grownups and elderly people. Thus, we can say that milk is a healthy drink for people of all ages. It contains high amounts of calcium, an important nutrient that is required by our body for preventing many diseases and health problems. Many people like to take milk with the breakfast cereals like oats and muesli. Some like to drink plain milk while some like to drink flavored milk. We all love to have milk shakes and chocolate drinks made with milk. We will discuss about the health benefits of milk here.

Following Are The 15 Surprising Benefits Of Milk:

Rich In Nutrients

Milk is a very nutritious drink with many nutrients that improve our health. It contains calcium, potassium and phosphorus. The dairy food is rich in Vitamin D, which is another good nutrient for our health. Milk contains Vitamin A, B2 and B12 also. It is a rich source of niacin.

Rich In Nutrients

Contains Protein

Our body needs protein for the repair of damaged cells. Since milk contains high levels of protein, it is very good for our health. It helps in building muscles also. Milk is an ideal drink for people who do exercises and bodybuilding.

damaged cells

Good For Children

Milk is a very important drink for children. Parents feed their babies with milk right from childbirth and infancy. Growing children are made to drink milk due to its role in the growth and development of body. Our elders have always believed that milk helps in making the body tall and strong.

Good For Children


Overweight people who are struggling with obesity can improve their health by drinking milk. The calcium present in milk helps in speeding the process of burning of fat by our body cells. Therefore, it is an ideal weight loss drink.


Dental Problems

Many types of dental problems can be prevented and treated by drinking milk. It contains nutrients that stop the enamel damage. Drinking milk can build new enamel. It can stop cavities from forming. Milk helps in preventing plaque formation.


Improves Digestion

Drinking milk after adding honey to it helps in improving the digestion. Honey has antiseptic properties and it soothes the digestive system. Taking this drink can prevent constipation. It is an excellent remedy for having smooth bowel movements.

Aids Digestion

Healthy Bones

Milk is a very healthy drink for our bones. It contains two important bone friendly nutrients calcium as well as Vitamin D. Calcium makes the bones healthy and strong while Vitamin D helps in absorbing the calcium. Drinking milk can help in preventing bone diseases like osteoporosis.


Healthy Skin

Very few people know that the daily glass of milk they take can help in solving many skin problems. Milk contains nutrients that improve the condition of skin and make it soft and supple. Milk improves the complexion and exfoliates the skin when applied externally. The dairy food is a natural cleanser that can also shrink open pores.

Healthy Skin

Heart Disease

The risk of heart disease can be decreased by drinking milk every day. Research has shown that the dairy food is very effective in preventing heart attack. Therefore, people who are suffering from heart diseases should include milk in their diet.

Heart Ailments


The problem of hypertension can be controlled by increasing the intake of milk. Studies have shown that taking milk along with healthy foods like fruits and vegetables controls hypertension by decreasing the blood pressure. Choose milk that contains very less amount of fat.


Balances The Electrolytes

Loss of electrolytes occurs when we sweat after doing physical activities during hot weather. Too much sweating causes depletion of minerals. Milk is a natural drink that improves health by replacing the lost electrolytes. Therefore, it is an excellent drink for sportspersons.

Balances The Electrolytes

Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Milk is an important food that can prevent Vitamin B12 deficiency. People who have this deficiency suffer from weakness, fast heartbeat, bleeding gums, tiredness, diarrhea, constipation and skin problems. All these problems can be prevented by drinking milk.

Treats Skin Problems

High Cholesterol

Many people suffer from health problems due to high cholesterol levels. The problem can be prevented and controlled by drinking milk. Milk is rich in calcium, which decreases bad cholesterol while increasing the levels of good cholesterol in our body.

Lowers Cholesterol Levels

Healthy Hair

Milk is very good for the hair. It prevents dryness of hair and stops it from becoming damaged. Wash the hair with a shampoo and apply milk. Wait for some time and then you can wash the hair. The hair will become soft and healthy.

healthy Hair


The calcium in milk helps in fighting cancer. It is especially useful in protecting the body from the risk of colon cancer. The vitamin D present in milk also prevents cancer. The daily intake of calcium for fighting cancer should be 1200-1500 mg.

Defeats Cancer