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15 Surprising Health Benefits Of Sorrel Leaves

15 Surprising Health Benefits Of Sorrel Leaves

Sorrel leaves look like spinach and hence this leafy vegetable is also known as spinach dock. It is also known as sour grass and it contains mainly oxalic acid which gives it that typical acidic taste. The scientific name of Sorrel is Rumex Acetosa and it mainly grows in Europe and North Asia. Sorrel leaves can be consumed as a salad or they can be eaten as a vegetable or combined with other veggies, eggs and chicken in soups. Sorrel leaves have some surprising health benefits.

Some Of Which Are Mentioned Below:

Good For The Urinary Tract

Sorrel leaves have diurectic properties and therefore increase urine flow. It is therefore useful in the treatment of urinary tract infections. But since it has high amount of oxalic acids, medical advice needs to be taken and also keep a watch on the amount that you consume.
Urinary Tract Infection

Helps Prevent Anemia

Sorrel has high iron content which is essential for hemoglobin formation. Thus sorrel leaves help prevent anemia.


Helps Control Hypertension

Sorrel leaves contain anthocyanins which help in controlling hypertension. Boil sorrel leave in water .Strain and have this tea thrice daily to control high blood pressure.
High Blood Pressure Levels

Helps Cure Insomnia

Sorrel leaves contain compounds which help induce sleep and thus help cure insomnia. Take a few sorrel leaves .To it add water, grated ginger and cinnamon powder. Boil and strain the mixture. Have this tea daily to combat insomnia.


Reduces Bad Cholesterol

Sorrel leaves contain antioxidants which are useful in controlling the bad cholesterol in the body. They also effectively reduce the level of triglycerides in the body.

Helps Fight Cancer

The oxalic acid, chlorophyll and the flavonoids in sorrel leaves helps destroy cancer cells. Sorrel leaves are therefore useful in fighting cancer.
Fights Cancer

Good For The Bones

Sorrel leaves have high amount of calcium which is good for the bones. Sorrel leaves are therefore good for people suffering from arthritis and it is also very beneficial for women above the age of forty. It helps prevent osteoporosis.
Healthy Bones (2)

Good For The Hair

Since sorrel is rich in vitamins it is very good for treating dry and dull hair. It also helps strengthen the hair follicles. Therefore it is good for treating hair loss and baldness.
Hair Volumnizer

Useful In Treatment And Prevention Of Scurvy

Deficiency of vitamin C is the factor that causes scurvy. Since sorrel leaves have high amount of vitamin C, it is useful in the treatment and prevention of scurvy.

Useful In Curing Skin Infections

Sorrel leaves are rich in vitamin C and they also have anti microbial properties. They are therefore very useful in treating skin infections and also help reduce problems like skin dryness and itching.
Skin Itching and Irritation

Good For The Eyes

Sorrel leaves contain vitamin A which is very good for the eyes. Sorrel leaves therefore help improve vision and it is also useful in treating eye diseases like night blindness.
Good For The Eyes

Useful In Weight Loss

Sorrel leaves have less calories and fats. It is rich in vitamins and minerals. It is therefore very good for those who wish to shed those extra kilos.
Weight Loss

Helps In Detoxification

Sorrel leaves contain antioxidants, flavanoids and protocatechuic acid which help in the removal of toxins from the body and thereby sorrel leaves help in the detoxification of the body.

Removes Toxins

Helps Cure Constipation

Sorrel leaves work as laxative as well. Therefore they help in curing constipation. But one must avoid consuming them in excess as it can lead diarrhea.
Relieves Constipation

Gives A Boost The Immune System

Sorrel leaves have high amount of vitamin C which helps boost the immune power of the body. It also has anti bacterial properties that help the body fight infections better.

Immune System
Sorrel leaves are thus loaded with a number of health benefits and therefore should be included in our daily diet on a regular basis.