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15 Uses And Benefits Of Clary Sage Essential Oil

15 Uses And Benefits Of Clary Sage Essential Oil

Clary Sage plant, scientifically popular as Salvia Sclarea, is a medicinal herb native to Europe. You can obtain Clary Sage essential oil from it by steam distillation of the leaves and buds of the herb. This oil is also popular as ‘Muscatel oil’ and its key elements are alpha terpinol, germacrene-D, linalyl acetate, geranoil, sclareol, neryl acetate, and other chemicals. It provides you several health benefits so it has been used for several medicinal purposes since ancient times. So you should learn its benefits and use the oil to enjoy good health.

Here Are Some Popular Uses And Benefits Of Clary Sage Essential Oil:

Reduces Convulsions

Clary Sage essential oil helps you calm down and minimize nervous, psychological, or epileptic convulsions. This medicinal oil helps you have peace of mind and provides great relief to your stressed out nerves.


Fights Depression

Clary Sage essential oil helps boost your psychological strength, self-confidence, hope, and helps you overcome the symptoms of depression effectively. It relieves you from anxiety and tension effectively. So, this remedial oil is administered to the chronic depression patients who are undergoing rehabilitation.

Reduces Stress

Safeguards From Bacterial Infections

This beneficial oil provides your antibacterial effects which aid in killing harmful bacteria and regulate the growth and expansion of the bacterial infection in your body. Clary Sage oil effectively cures bacterial infections in your excretory and urinary tract systems, intestines, and colon. Also, it inhibits harmful activities of bacteria from your water and food.

Deals With Bacterial Infections

Treats Respiratory System Cramps

Clary Sage oil is highly effective in regulating uncontrollable spasms. It provides you its antispasmodic effects and helps in controlling respiratory system cramps, headaches, and spasmodic cough. It provides relaxing effect to your nerve impulses and curbs spasms. This effective oil also minimizes muscle cramps and spasmodic cholera.


Heals Wounds

This medicinal oil helps heal your wounds and injuries quickly. Its antiseptic properties protect you from harmful germs and infections that feast on your wounds. All you need to do is apply this oil topically.

Wound Healing

Good Skin Health

The presence of ester called linalyl acetate in Clary Sage oil aids in minimizing skin inflammation and promotes healing of skin rashes. It controls the generation of natural oils in your skin, minimizes dry and oily skin, and helps you have healthy, glowing skin. You can mix it with almond oil to enable maximum positive effect on your skin.

Healthy Skin

Strengthens Your Gums

Clary sage oil treats your weak gums and strengthens them effectively. It prevents loosening of teeth due to weak gums and promotes your dental hygiene.

Prevents Tooth Decay and Gum Diseases

Tones Your Muscles

Another great benefit of this medicinal oil is that it helps tone your muscles effectively. You can build up strong muscles by using the oil.

Building Muscle

Prevents Hair Loss

Clary sage oil strengthens you hair follicles substantially. As a result, the use of oil prevents hair fall and helps you have strong and healthy hair.

Hair Fall

Minimizes Flatulence

Carminative effects of Clary sage oil reduce health troubles resulting due to gas in your body. It minimizes bloating. Also, this medicinal oil inhibits the generation of gas in your body.



Clary Sage oil is an effective remedy for painful, irregular menses. This oil triggers the opening of the hindered menses and makes them regular. It also alleviates the pain substantially. By using this oil, you no more will feel dizzy and irritated. Also, there are no side effects of the use of this oil. This oil is an excellent cure for negative effects, such as mood swings, cramping, and bloating. It effectively balances your hormones.

menstrual cramps

Regulates Blood Pressure

Hypotensive effects Clary Sage oil greatly helps in regulating your blood pressure. It relaxes your arteries and veins and minimizes the risk of strokes, brain hemorrhaging, heart problems and atherosclerosis. This oil effectively broadens your blood vessels and promotes blood circulation and provides sufficient oxygen to your organs and muscles. It helps enhance your metabolic and overall body performance.

Blood Pressure

Healthy Nervous System

Another benefit of medicinal oil is that it is beneficial for your nerves. This oil sedates your nervous disorders and convulsions. It helps treat nervousness, hysteria, vertigo, and anxiety effectively.

nervous system

Promotes Sound Sleep

Calming effect of Clary Sage oil helps you have continuous, sound sleep at night. It minimizes your inflammations and treats anxiety disorders effectively. It increases your concentration abilities, minimizes stress and irritation, and offers your great comfort.

Get Proper Rest And Sleep

Remedy For Stomach Disorders

Clary Sage oil is a great remedy for several stomach disorders. It controls the secretion of digestive juices. Also, this oil aids absorption of food and nutrients, and promotes smooth bowel movements. Thus, it ensures good health of your digestion system.

Stomach Ulcers

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