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16 Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil Soap

Tree oil is known for its several home remedies with its anti fungal and antiseptic properties. When tea tree oil is used in making a soap, it turns into a wonderful natural product with a gamut of benefits. Tea tree oil is popular since ages and has always been recognized for its many medicinal properties, refreshing feel and curing properties. Tea tree oil soap offers plenty of benefits, making it one of the most sought after natural products.

Best Uses Of Tea Tree Soap:

1. Treats Itchy Scalp And Cures Dandruff

Tea Tree oil is good for our hair. This chemical free soap is not harsh on our hair and is gentle for the scalp too. It can be used to wash hair as it works to reduce dandruff and keeps the scalp clean. This prevents itching [1].

Treats Dandruff

2. Reduces Blemishes

This herbal soap clears acne without over drying the skin. This soap works as a natural antiseptic and works to reduce all blemishes, removes skin inflammation and eliminates bacteria [2].

Reduces Blemishes

3. Fights Infections

The antiviral properties of tea tree makes it effective in fighting many infectious diseases which include chicken pox, shingles, measles and verrucae. Regular use of this soap keeps away cold and flu along with other viral infections [3].

Skin Infections

4. Prevents And Reduces Acne

Regular use of tea tree soap keeps the skin clean which works to keep away acne and pimples. It controls further outbreaks of acne and pimples. It also reduces skin dryness, skin itchiness, reducing skin inflammation and burning sensation [4].

Might Worsen Acne

5. Shaving Lather

Tea tree oil soap is a good in forming lather for shaving. It is a good antibacterial alternative. It helps in moisturizing the skin, keeps the skin soft and protected while keeping away infections [5].

Shaving Lather

6. Skin Wash After Waxing Or Hair Removal

Tea tree oil soap can be used to wash the skin just after threading or waxing. It offers an excellent soothing effect. Using the soap prevents any allergic reaction after waxing or hair removal and smoothens the skin [6].

Skin Wash After Waxing Or Hair Removal

7. Shampoo Hair

Tea tree soap can be used as a shampoo to wash excessive dry hair. It smoothens rough hair, adds natural bounce, shine and moisture. It is good for dry frizzy hair [7].

Shampoo Hair

8. Removes Head Lice

Regular use of tea tree soap helps in removing head lice in a short time. Just wash your head with the soap and rinse off with vinegar water for best results. Head lice will be eliminated in a week, in a chemical free way [8].

Head Lice

9. Medicated Cleanser

Tea tree oil soap is an effective chemical free natural cleanser. With its antiseptic properties, this medicated cleanser is superior to any commercial cleansing product which is available for a price in the market [9].


10. Removes Body Odor

People suffering from excessive body odor or offensive body odor problems benefit a lot from tea tree oil soap. It helps in removing all bad bacteria which causes body odor with its many antibacterial properties. It helps in eliminating all problem completely [10].

get rid of body odor

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11. Treats Sunburns

Apply tea tree oil soap on your tanned skin or in the areas where you see sunburn. It will help in reducing difficult skin tan, offers comfort, soothes and comforts sunburn and rashes [11].


12. Removes Scars And Marks

Tea tree oil is known for its cicatrisant properties. This helps in reducing all marks or scars caused due to epidermis or other skin infections. Regular use of the soap on the affected area helps to reduce the appearance of scars [12].

Fade Acne Scars

13. Mosquito Repellent

Tea tree oil is known for its insecticidal properties which helps to make it an excellent mosquito repellent. Using this soap helps in creating a natural protective guard on the skin, protecting it from flies, mosquitoes, fleas and many microbes which cause viral fever and even jaundice [13].

mosquitoes away

14. Helps To Soften Corns

Corns can be difficult to tackle and getting rid of them really tough. They need immediate treatment or else they might turn serious and cause pain. Use tea tree oil soap on corns on a regular basis to soften the corns and eventually get rid of them in a short time. Apply this soap and lighten wash off the area everyday for best results [14].

Corns And Calluses

15. Cleans Carpet

Tea tree oil soap works as an excellent cleaner and helps in cleaning your carpet very effectively. It removes all difficult dirt from carpets, disinfects it and gives it a fresh fragrance. It can be used to remove light strains and marks caused due to liquid or food scraps [15].

Cleans Carpet

16. Keeps Bathroom Fresh

Tea tree oil is known for its aromatic properties. It works as a natural deodorant. Just keep this tree oil soap in your bathroom and you will love the fresh smell of your bathroom [16].

Keeps Bathroom Fresh