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16 Great Benefits Of Long Pepper

16 Great Benefits Of Long Pepper

16 Great Benefits Of Long Pepper

Long pepper which originates from the family of Piperaceae has numerous beneficial properties unknown to many of us. Mostly it is used in dried form and is added to food to increase its flavor. This spice is considered as a valuable herbal medicine by our predecessors and they used this herb to cure many problems in the past. Long pepper is famous in Ayurvedic therapies. It has lots of remedial qualities which is safe and natural.

Let’s Look At The Various Benefits We Can Gain From Long Pepper:

Aids In Weight Loss:

Sometimes it is so hard to shed some fats from our body even after long periods of strenuous work outs and strictly planned diets. This is due to the stubborn fats stored under our skin which refuse to budge. Today’s generation are opting for slimming pills and other so-called healthy foods from the supermarket which can cause side effects to the body. Include more long pepper in your daily diet because it has the power to rinse off the fats and bad cholesterol from the body without any harm.

Weight Loss

Stabilizes Blood Glucose Level:

One of the leading diseases which conquered most of our population is diabetes. Having more long pepper can control the blood sugar level from rising further. It also protects the body from other problems which may occur due to diabetes.


Normalizes The Menstrual Flow:

Girls facing uneven menstruation can gain relief by consuming this herb. It has the power to regulate and control a proper and healthy menstrual flow which is very important for ladies.

Stomach Problems

Heals The Womb:

Another beneficial quality of this herb is its ability to repair and mend the uterus of a mother after child birth. During pregnancy, the womb gets bloated. Get your uterus back to its original size by consuming more long pepper after delivery.


Removal Of Placenta:

Sometimes, the placenta gets stuck in the womb of the mother post-delivery which is a threat to the mother’s life. The concoction of long pepper’s root is used for the discharge of placenta. This is a traditional treatment.

Prevents Liver Damage:

At this ultra-modern age, we have no time to cook and eat proper food and instead we go for the unhealthy processed food which can be harmful to the body. This can cause accumulation of toxins in the liver which can result in liver-related problems. Long pepper contains compounds necessary to guard the liver against harmful toxins.

Liver pain

Can Cure Asthma:

Asthma might seem to be a trivial issue. But when it worsens, asthma could be quite dangerous. Nowadays, pills made of long pepper fruits are available at Ayurvedic medicinal stores. Take this pill twice a day and asthma will reduce gradually.


Provides Relief For Cough And Bronchitis:

Cough can be either slight or severe ones like bronchitis. Add some long pepper in your food to gain some relief from coughing. This spice can also heal the inflammation on the walls of the windpipe caused by acute coughing.

Cough And Cold

Used To Control Hiccups:

Continuous hiccups can be quite irritating. Simply mix a little long pepper powder with a teaspoon of honey and consume it to stop hiccups.


Maintain A Healthy Respiratory System:

This herb can clean the respiratory system and clear off any presence of toxic substances. It can improvise the respiratory function. At times mucus becomes stored in the respiratory tract which can cause coughing and irritation. Long pepper can eject this mucus from the body.

Respiratory System

Solves Digestive Disorder:

Long pepper is a great tool for digestive related problems like stomach upset, gas troubles, indigestion, diarrhea and others. This serves as a medicine which aids in curing gastrointestinal and gastric problems as well.

Treats digestive problems

Increases The Appetite:

For those people who are experiencing from loss of appetite all the time should opt for this spice. Constant appetite loss can lead to anorexia which is a serious illness. So better consume long pepper and eat well before it gets worse.

Loss of Appetite

Reduces Hair Loss:

Blend some long pepper, neem leaves and fresh milk into a fine paste. Apply evenly on the scalp and wash after an hour. Do this at least once a week as this therapy can decrease hair fall significantly.

Prevents Hair Loss

Offers A Good Sleep:

People suffering from lack of sleep and insomnia can benefit from this herbal medicine. Consume some long pepper in the late evening daily to obtain a fulfilling sleep at night because this herb can create calming and soothing effect to the mind.

Proper Sleep

Heals Skin Inflammation:

In the olden days, long pepper paste is applied on swollen skin and wounds. This remedy can repair the inflamed skin quickly. At the same time, it can put down the pain caused by the wound.

Treats Skin Problems

Lightens Body Pain:

Long pepper can give some relief from abdominal pains and lower back pains. It relaxes the strained muscles which is the main cause of body aches. Increase the intake of this beneficial herb to solve this issue.

Relieve Pain

Possess these advantages and live a healthful life by using long pepper more often.