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17 Amazing Health Benefits Of Tamarind

17 Amazing Health Benefits Of Tamarind

Tamarind, scientifically known as Tamarindus indica, is an exotic tree native to eastern Africa. It belongs to genus Tamarindus of family Fabaceae. Its fruits are pod-like legumes that are actually hard coated seeds having a sweet and sour pulp inside. Seed pods from this tree are quite popular. Many individuals like to add tamarind to their vegetarian cuisines and meat to enhance their taste. Also, tamarind offers many nutritional benefits so you should add it to your regular diet in appropriate amounts.

Here Are Some Prominent Health Benefits Of Adding Tamarind To Your Diet:

Promotes Digestion

Consumption of tamarind promotes smooth digestion and prevents digestion troubles. It also treats dysentery substantially. This nutritious fruit effectively expels harmful worms out of your digestive system and treat various bile disorders. Also, eating these sour fruit acts as an appetite stimulant and is a great cure to combat appetite loss.


Rich Source Of Vitamin C

Tamarind contains high amounts of vitamin C. So, eating it prevents the risk of development of scurvy and strengthens your body’s defense mechanism. This vitamin C rich fruit also treats common cold and fever and eliminates all harmful toxins from your body.


A Good Source Of Antioxidants

Tamarind is full of anti-oxidants and helps your body combat free-radical activity effectively. Abundant supply of antioxidants protects your body from cell damage and DNA damage. Also, it prevents the development of cancer causing cells and prevents the risk of many kinds of cancer.

Fights Cancer

Balances Blood Sugar

Medical studies reveal that eating this nutritious fruit helps in stabilizing blood sugar levels. So, it is also beneficial for controlling your blood glucose levels.

Stabilizes Blood Sugar

Regulates Cholesterol

Tamarind reduces levels of bad cholesterol in your body. Thus, it helps in regulating the levels of cholesterol and in preventing the risk of heart problems.

Reduces Cholesterol

Treats Sore Throat

Tamarind fruit is an effective cure for sore throats. All you need to do is gargle with tamarind water and treat your sore throat.

Sore Throat

Treats Fluorosis

Excess of fluoride results in fluorosis that make your teeth turn yellow and decay due to erosion of enamel. Consumption of tamarind water helps damage fluoride ions and prevents the risk and effects of fluorosis. All you need to do is add salt to tamarind water and drink to eliminate fluoride through water consumption.


Promotes Healthy Skin

High antioxidant content and vitamin C content in the tamarind help you have healthy, glowing skin. Antioxidants help your damaged skin to heal quickly and prevent the development of facial lines. This nutritious fruit also contains beta-carotene that prevents wrinkles and delays aging effects.

Healthy Skin

Acts As A Painkiller

Applying the mixture of tamarind pulp, leaves, and flower on painful or swollen joints helps you have a great comfort. It acts as a painkiller and reduces the swelling.


Acts As Thirst Quencher

Tamarind fruit also acts as a thirst quencher. All you need to do is prepare syrup of sugar and tamarind and drink. It also helps in curing the burning sensation.


Promotes Eye Health

Tamarind contains beta-carotene that helps you have healthy eyes and good vision. Vital vitamins in this nutritious fruit also minimize the risk of macular degeneration and promote eye health substantially.

healthy eyes

Offers Anti-inflammatory Effects

Tamarind leaves are known for their anti-inflammatory properties that effectively cures minor burns. Warm up tamarind leaves, sieve and mix with gingli oil, and apply them on your wound. You will get a great comfort from it and your skin will heal quickly.


Treats Earaches

Tamarind also helps you have a great relief from earaches. Warm concentrate of this nutritious fruit helps in treating the pain in ears. Also, it contains antibiotic properties to treat various ear infections effectively.

Ear Ache

Treats Conjunctivitis

Tamarind is effective in treating conjunctivitis. You need to make a decoction by cooking seeds of tamarind and use it to clean your conjunctivitis affected eye twice every day for positive results.

sore eyes

Cures Ulcers And Jaundice

Tamarind is an effective remedy for treating ulcers and effects of jaundice. All you need to do is prepare a decoction by boiling tamarind in water and drink it two times every day to obtain positive results.

Stomach Ulcers

Offer Laxative Effects

Tamarind is also known for its laxative effects. Consumption of the pulp of this nutritious fruit offers laxative effects, prevents abnormal bowel movements, and minimizes bowel disorders. It is highly effective in treating acid reflux and prevents the risk of constipation.

Cures Constipation

A Good Source Of Essential Minerals

Tamarind comprises crucial minerals, such as iron, calcium, zinc, copper, magnesium, and selenium. So, consumption of this mineral rich fruit helps you have a healthy heart, bones, and teeth. Also, it prevents the risk of anemia and promotes good heart health.


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