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17 Incredible Health Benefits Of Black Eyed Peas

Black eyed peas are one of the legumes that are commonly used by many individuals in India. These legumes are also famous as cowpeas or black eyed beans. They are popular as African powerfoods. These peas are oval in shape with a black eye on the top. You can add these peas to thicken your favorite soups or simply use them as a subsidiary dish. Since cowpeas are rich in essential nutrients, they serve as a healthy choice to help you enjoy good health. Also, they help prevent several different ailments promoting your health.

Here Are Some Crucial Health Benefits Of Adding Black Eyed Peas To Your Diet:

1. A Rich Source Of Anti-oxidants

Black eyed peas contain high quality anti-oxidants that work on to neutralize free-radical activity and prevent cell and DNA damage. Add these peas to your regular diet to ensure good health.

Healthy Skin

2. Treats Cardiovascular Ailments

Cowpeas are rich in flavonoids that help in treating several different cardiovascular problems. By incorporating these legumes in your daily diet, you can minimize the risk of heart problems to a great extent.


3. Promotes Weight Loss

Obese individuals who are making an effort to lose excess of weight should include black eyed peas in their regular diet. These peas feature a minimized power of sodium and aid in weight management. Also, it contains no cholesterol and contains minimal fats so it prevents you from putting on weight.

Weight Loss

4. Treats Diabetes

High fiber content of black eyed peas is effective in health problems associated with diabetes as it helps you have an effective sugar control. Flavonoid contents in these peas helps combat cardiovascular health conditions resulting due to diabetes effectively.


5. Promotes Digestion

Black eyed peas are well-known for treating problems associated with stomach, spleen, and pancreas. Adding these nutritious peas containing high amount of fiber to your regular diet helps promote smooth bowel movements, prevents constipation, and promotes digestion.


6. Treats Urination Problems

Cowpeas aid in minimizing blockages and discomfort concerned with urination problems. So include an appropriate amount of these legumes in your cooking to prevent or treat urination issues effectively.

Treats digestive problems

7. Delays The Signs Of Aging

Antioxidants, vitamin C content, and vitamin A content of cowpeas promote healthy, radiant skin and prevent your skin cells from damage due to free radicals. Also, these vital nutrients repair and replenish your skin cells and prevent wrinkles, blemishes, and other skin infections and disorders to a great extent. As a result, eating these legumes aids in delaying symptoms of aging.

Prevents Aging

8. Low In Calories And Fats

Black eyed peas possess low fat content and low calorie content so they help you in maintaining your shape. Also, having less fats and less calories prevents the risk of various hazardous health problems such as diabetes, heart problems, and depressive disorders.

Treats depression

9. Prevents The Risk Of Cancer

Cowpeas are a rich source of antioxidant agents, such as vitamin A and vitamin C, that help remove hazardous free radicals from your body and prevent the risk of development of cancerous cells.

Fights Cancer

10. Provides Lignin

Black eyed peas contain a component known as lignin which belongs to phytoestrogens that aid in boosting your immunity and preventing the risk of fatal ailments. So, adding cowpeas to your regular diet helps you to protect yourself from stroke, osteoporosis, cancer, hypertension, serious heart problems, infections, and other fatal diseases and disorders.

Treats Skin Problems

11. Detoxifies Your Body

Including cowpeas to your daily diet helps you to eliminate toxic compounds and oxygen free-radicals from your entire body. Antioxidant content of these legumes aids in detoxifying your entire body and in maintaining good health.

Detoxes Your Liver

12. Balances Cholesterol Levels

Soluble fiber content and proteins present in black eyed peas help in reducing bad cholesterol levels (LDL) and promote heart health. Phytosterols present in cowpeas aids in balancing the levels of cholesterol in your body.

Reduces Cholesterol

13. Provides Necessary Proteins

Cowpeas are popular as an excellent source of proteins. Just 100 grams of these legumes offer you about 8 grams of proteins that help fulfill 16% of your daily recommended intake of proteins. So add an appropriate amount of blacked eyed peas in your diet to promote good health of your body cells and tissues with adequate protein intake.


14. Treats Hair Loss Problems

Including cowpeas in your daily diet proves to be highly effective solution to curb hair loss. These legumes are rich in several crucial proteins. So, they aid in promoting hair growth faster than usual, compensate the hair loss, and prevent you from turning bald.

Prevents Hair Loss

15. Prevents The Risk Of Anemia

Black eyed peas are a rich source of iron that helps prevent the risk of anemia and fatigue. Eating these legumes regularly helps boost your hemoglobin count, supplies oxygen to all your body cells, tissues, and organs, and prevents you from feeling weak.


16. Promotes Functioning Of Muscles And Nerve Tissues

Black eyed peas are rich in mineral magnesium. So, adding cowpeas to your daily diet helps in ensuring smooth functioning of muscles and nerve tissues. Eating these legumes also promotes appropriate heartbeat and maintains your bone strong and healthy.

Reduces Muscle Soreness

17. Provides Potassium

Cowpeas contain good amounts of potassium that helps you have appropriate blood pressure levels and minimizes the risk of heart problems. Also, potassium from these legumes promotes healthy bones and muscles.

blood pressure

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