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17 Ways To Use Honey For Health And Wellness

Honey, a natural sweetener has remarkable healing properties. It has been used since ages for treating several ailments due to its amazing nutritional and medicinal properties. The benefit and uses of this liquid gold is seemingly endless. Honey is loaded with natural sugars like fructose and glucose and contains many essential vitamins, amino acids, trace enzymes and minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphate, and iron and sodium chlorine. It has impressive antibacterial and antifungal properties which have been used by ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians for healing wounds and other ailments. One tablespoon of honey contains 64 calories and no fats or cholesterol. Honey is a not just a great alternative to replace white sugar but it can add health and wellness to your life.

Facts About Honey

Honey can be used in numerous ways to gain its amazing health benefits. But before using honey you must know that not all honey sold commercially are created equal. Honey which has been heated to high temperature (over 40 degree Celsius) loses their beneficial enzymes, nutrients and antioxidants. Since raw honey is unprocessed, unheated and unpasteurized, its nutrients remain intact and provide excellent health benefit. There are several types of honey available with their specific nutritional benefits and uses. Like Manuka honey is best for healing wounds and acne; Acacia honey is best for detoxifying liver and digestive tract; Buckwheat honey are high in antioxidant and darker in color.

Some Of The Ways To Use Honey For Your Health

1. Excellent Energy Booster

Honey is not only delicious, it provides strength and energy to the body as a natural source of carbohydrate, natural sugars, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids. For an instant energy boost dietician recommend athletes to include pure honey in their pre-exercise meal [1] . The glucose contained in honey is absorbed by the body quickly and provides instant energy boost, while fructose contained in honey is absorbed slowly and provides constant energy. When you feel fatigued, to quickly boost your energy add a tbsp. honey to your sandwich or snacks or drink tea adding honey.

Energy Booster

2. Cold And Flu

Honey is an excellent remedy for fighting the symptoms of cold and flu symptoms [2] . The antioxidant, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of honey fight bacteria and virus and bring relief from underlying cold symptoms. Boosting the immune system honey also strengthens body’s defense mechanism and protects from getting infected again and again. Honey also brings relief from sore throat and chest infection.

A popular home remedy for fighting cold and flu is to drink glass of hot water adding a tbsp. of honey, a bit of grated ginger and 1tsp. lemon juice 2-3 times a day. For preparing cough syrup just add 1tsp. ginger juice to one tbsp. honey. Take this 3-4 times a day to get relief from cough, sore throat and chest congestion.

Cold And Flu

3. Wounds And Burns

Honey works as antibiotic on minor burns and wounds, helps reduce inflammation and kills of bacteria and accelerates healing process [3] . Cover the wound with honey. Honey is a great home treatment for healing minor cuts and burns.

Wounds And Burns

4. Boost Your Immunity

Immune system plays a crucial role of warding of sickness and disease [4] . If your immune system is running low and you fell sick often, honey can give it a boost with its antioxidant and anti0bacterial properties. Regular consumption of honey can also boost your digestive system and help you stay healthy. Use honey as a substitute for white sugar in your food and drinks for better health.


5. Heals Gastric Ulcer

The healing power of honey has been known to be effective in relieving from ulcer in two ways [5] . Firstly, glucose oxidase an enzyme contained in honey produces hydrogen peroxide which kills the bacteria responsible for development of ulcers. When bees collect pollen they also collect other antibacterial substance along with pollen from flowers which further increases honey’s efficiency in eradicating bacteria. Consuming 1 to 2tbsp. of unprocessed honey may help to heal ulcer quickly.

Gastric Ulcer

6. Reduces Allergy Symptoms

Honey has anti-inflammatory properties which help to reduce allergy symptoms [6] . The pollen contained in honey acts like antibodies and build up defense against the allergy. If you suffer from runny nose, itchy eyes etc. during allergy season, start consuming little bit of raw honey daily.

Allergy Symptoms

7. Contains Anti-Cancer Properties

Honey is an excellent healing food. Several studies have shown that honey can inhibit the development of tumors and cancers [7] . The presences of flavonoids and phenolic acids have been identified as effective anti-cancer compound in honey by researchers. These phenolic compounds are believed to have healing power that heals the cells of the body. Though these initial findings are promising, but more research needs to be done.


8. Promotes Good Sleep

Due to stressful life, many people feel difficulty is falling or staying asleep which often results in crankiness and fatigue [8] . Honey can be a great natural remedy to get a restful sleep. Honey acts as natural sleep aid by raising the insulin level which further helps release neurotransmitter serotonin. The body aids in converting serotonin to melatonin-a sleep inducing chemical. Honey also contains amino acids tryptophan which is also converted into melatonin when it gets to the brain. Consume a cup of chamomile tea adding a spoonful of honey or honey almond milk an hour before hitting the bed to get a restful sleep.

Good Sleep

9. Honey Is Brain-Booster

Studies have revealed that honey is packed with natural antioxidants and can be a great memory booster [9] . It can prevent cognitive decline in older adults by increasing circulation and reducing metabolic stress by inducing restful sleep which is necessary for cognitive health. Research also shows that polyphenol contained in honey can counter oxidative stress and hence improve memory and learning.


10. Relives Arthritis Pain

Honey has natural anti-inflammatory properties which reduces joint inflammation and brings relief from pain [10] . The combination of honey and apple cider vinegar is a well-known natural remedy for arthritis. The mineral contained in this detox drink helps to fight body toxins and help the body maintain acid-alkaline balance. It is recommended to add 2tsp. raw honey and 2tsp apple cider vinegar in a glass of warm water and drink 2-3 times daily to get relief.

Arthritis Pain

11. Good For Heart

Chronic exposure to stress increases the level of stress hormones adrenalin and cortisol [11] . This further raises heart rate and blood pressure. High cortisol levels are risk factor for hypertension, stroke, arrhythmia and atherosclerosis. Cortisol also hinders insulin action. Studies show that regular consumption of honey reduces chronic metabolic stress particularly during rest. Honey protects the heart by helping lower formation of triglyceride and reduces cholesterol level increasing HDL cholesterol level. Take 1tbsp. raw honey before bedtime.


12. Hangover

Drinking too much alcohol loads the liver and you experience symptoms like headache, nausea, dehydration etc [12] . Drinking a glass of warm water adding a tsp. of honey and juice of half a lemon will help to detoxify the liver and reduce hangover from alcohol.


13. Promotes Weight Loss

Honey can aid weight loss [13] . Drinking warm water adding lemon juice and honey every day in empty stomach can help to remove toxins and flush out fat and cleanse the liver.

Weight Loss

14. Helps Soothe Acid Reflux

There are number of research and studies that have shown that honey can bring relief from acid reflux healing the esophagus from inflammation and damage [14] . Honey also reduces GERD symptoms as it contains enzymes that improves digestion and provides digestive system a boost.

Acid Reflux

15. Natural Remedy For Acne

Honey is a great natural remedy for acne relief. Honey has anti-bacterial property [15] . Honey is also effect skin cleanser. It pulls off dirt and impurities from the pores and that clogs the pores. The antimicrobial property of honey stops ace from turning cystic. You can either apply honey as spot treatment or apply all over your face as a mask. Honey will make your skin soft and supple also. There are numerous kitchen ingredients like almonds, turmeric, and banana, avocado which you can add in your mask with honey and get perfect glowing acne free skin.


16. Promotes Beautiful Skin

Honey has excellent moisturizing and skin healing properties that can hydrate the skin, retain moisture and rejuvenate the skin [16] . The natural antioxidants and antimicrobial properties protect the skin from sun damage and help to eliminate wrinkles and age spots. Use honey masks to get radiant and youthful skin.

Beautiful Skin

17. Honey For Healthy Hair

Honey being emollient can be used to condition the hair [17] . It will help to retains moisture in the hair and repair damage that causes breakage of hair. The rich antioxidant contained in honey will help to keep our scalp healthy. Healthy scalp helps to strengthen the hair follicle. The antibacterial and antiseptic property of honey can also help to get rid of dandruff and other scalp problem. Using honey hair mask can help you get healthy shiny hair

 Healthy Hair

According to National Honey board honey contains host of nutrients and adding it in your daily routine can be a good choice to stay healthy and fit. Add it in your milk, tea, coffee and breakfast cereals for a health boost.