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2 DIY Easy Ways To Use White Willow Bark For Migraine

Migraine is basically a problem of the headache. It can give you a severe headache many times which can make your uncomfortable. Though there are many solutions to the migraine problem but there exists one amazing herbal remedy for this problem. It is basically the usage of a herb called the white willow bark. It is known for years and years for its medicinal properties towards the headache problems. It also contains the natural anti-inflammatory properties which help you to reduce the pain. It can amazingly help you to reduce the severe headache and provide the adequate relief features soon.

Here Are Some Of The Ways To Use The White Willow Bark For Migraine:

White Willow Bark Tea:

White willow bark can be easily used in the form of the tea. You can prepare this tea easily at your home. It will help you to get the adequate benefits from the headache problem soon. [1]

White Willow Bark Tea


Water- 1 glass
Dried willow bark- 1 tbsp

Method Of Preparation:

You will need to take a vessel and boil the water in it. Now add the willow bark and allow it boil for some more time. Now you need to cover the vessel and let it remain such for some time. After that you need sieve it and consume this tea. You can consume this tea up to twice a day. It will help you to reduce the pain and get the relief features soon.

Willow Bark And Catnip Tea:

It is the next form of amazing tea which is prepared with the blend of some herbs. It will help you to get the relief from the problem of migraine naturally. You will need to gather the following herbs.

Willow Bark And Catnip Tea


Dried Catnip herb- 1 tbsp
Dried Valerian root- 1 tbsp
Feverfew – 1 tbsp
White willow bark- 1 tbsp

Method Of Preparation:

You can take a vessel and boil some water in it. Now mix all the above explained ingredients and put them in the vessel. Let it boil for some time. Now sieve this and add a few drops of honey into. This will enhance the benefits of this remedy. Now you can consume this amazingly prepared herbal tea to reduce the symptoms of the migraine pain.

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