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2 Excellent Recipes Of Homemade Coconut Shampoos

Tried all the big brands in the market and still dint get those desired hair? Many of us have faced same issue. Our hair becomes more dry and brittle when we use those shampoos which are fully loaded with chemicals. Even the shampoos which claims to have natural ingredients, do contains chemicals. What of we can prepare a shampoo with natural ingredients and without harmful chemicals ? Yes you heard it right. Here we are going to show you some methods by which you can prepare homemade shampoo. The superhero of our ingredients is Coconut Milk. As we all know Coconut milk is highly moisturizing. It deep conditions our hair when we use it as a hair mask.

Now Lets See How We Can Use This Super Ingredient To Make A Shampoo.

1. By Using Baby Shampoo.

We Would Need 4 Ingredients To Prepare This Shampoo.

1/2 a cup of Homemade Coconut Milk
1/2 a cup of Baby Shampoo
4 Capsules of Vitamin E
Essential oil of your choice for fragrance

First we would get to know how to make a homemade Coconut milk. For this you would need at least 2 cups of grated raw coconut to get half a cup of milk. Put grated coconut in a blender with cup of a water and blend it. Now strain the mixture with the help of a strainer to get the milk. Now we can use this milk to prepare the shampoo. About the Baby Shampoos, Most of them known to be soap free and parable free which are safe to use in this recipe. You can also replace baby shampoos with baby wash which are gentle as well. We would need 4 Capsules of Vitamin E oil. You can get it easily at medical store or super market. If it is not available you can also use pure sweet almond oil.

Since we have got all the ingredients, lets get started now. Take a clean Plastic or glass bottle. Add Coconut milk and Baby Shampoo in it . Mix it well. Now Pierce vitamin e capsules and put the oil in the bottle. Now time to add essential oil of your choice for fragrance. Mix all the ingredients well. Your shampoo is ready.

coconut milk, baby shampoo and vitamin E

2. By Using Aloe Vera ( Only For Dry Hair )

This Shampoo is made with Coconut milk and Aloe Vera. It doesn’t contain any foaming agent such as Castile soap or baby shampoo. Hence it doesn’t lather. It advised to be used only on dry hair. Since coconut milk already contains higher protein contents it tends to make scalp and hair bit greasy. Hence people with oily scalp and hair are advised not to use this. We already got to know the benefits of coconut milk. Our second ingredient Aloe Vera is also widely used in skin care and hair care. Aloe Vera is also great for hair due to its moisturizing properties.

Now lets get to the recipe . Its very simple. Take the equal quantities of both the ingredients and mix it well . You can use the blender for this purpose. It is always beneficial to use fresh aloe vera gel but if you don’t manage to get it you can use over the counter aloe vera gels also. Aloe Vera gel is widely used nowadays and it is know to give good results as well. You can use the same as well. Your Shampoo is ready . Store this mixture in a plastic or Glass bottle.

coconut milk with aloe vera

Since these both recipes are natural it may not show the immediate results as chemical shampoos do. But in a long run it would definitely help if used regularly.