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25 Helpful Remedies To Relieve Headache Pain Tension

Headache Pain

Here are some possible precautions and remedies to your nagging headaches and pains induced by tensions.

Sniff  Up Cayenne

This spice has been a major inflammatory remedy for ages and so this will have a better impact on your headaches. Though initially it sounds like a bad idea, it has a component called capeskin that helps subdue the pain perceptions in our bodies. When you sniff it in it will immediately lower the impact of your headache. Just mix a pinch of cayenne powder in roughly four ounces of warm water and stir it in. Now with a cotton swab apply it just below your nostrils. If it burns you will know its working.

Eating Nuts

The best way to kick back at tension induced headaches is by popping in a few almonds instead of an aspirin. There is a presence of a particular compound called salicin that is found in about a handful of nuts as it is found in some pain killers. However, if you suffer from migraines then avoid this since it is one of the trigger foods.

Eat Nuts

Feverfew Flower Extracts

Migraine attacks can be subdued with this particular plant. It is believed that tension induced headaches and migraines often mean that the blood vessels are pressurizing the nerves. The substance in these dried flowers called parthenolide reduces inflammation rapidly. Just steep a handful in a pint of boiling water for 10 minutes. Strain it and drink twice daily.

Vinegar Compress

There is nothing vinegar can’t solve, even a throbbing headache. Add a quarter cup of vinegar, preferably apple cedar variety, to three cups of boiling water and once cup cool water. Take the steam for next 5 to 10 minutes and experience instant relief.

Vinegar Compress

Stretch Out

Stress can cause the most dreadful headaches for the body is all knotted up at the muscles and we feel the pain elsewhere than where it actually is. So between your work try to stretch out in your work area, take breaks and take time to breathe and relax. It will not only ease tension but prevent all the productivity loss due to headaches.

Stretch Out

Try Yoga Asanas

Yoga will most definitely help you release every kind of pain and stress in your body. With the perfect science of making the body stretch and breathe it will actually help you release much of the knots that lead to the headache in the first place.

Yoga Asanas

Just Breathe

It really is as simple as that. The head is probably not getting the oxygen it needs and that is because when stressed we often take shallow breaths. Take time to inhale full breaths to the best potential of your diaphragms. This will help you circulate the blood and oxygen that is ordinarily needed.

Ease Your Posture

Try to sit and work in a correct posture. The most common reason for headaches is that we carry ourselves in a hunched back position with high shoulders and crumpled backs. So drop your shoulders and relax. Do this consciously every two hours. You would be surprised how that works.

Ease Your Posture To Relieve Headache

Get More Activity

Muscle induced headaches are a result of little or no external activities that do not help your mind to keep focus. Simply walking will shake up the shackles and give you a much relieved condition. This can be any activity you like to take your mind off the usual ordeals of life.

Get More Activity

Exercise Regularly

This is a more preventive measure but nonetheless very effective. Make a routine and don’t exercise for the heck of it. The routine will bring much needed discipline which is very essential to manage stress.

Exercise Regularly

Ease Your Body Into And Out Of Any Activity

The body cannot handle abrupt starts and ends. So before getting active one must have a warm up routine to ease the body into it and a cooling down to reduce the effects of muscle exertion. By doing this you will prevent the jolted headaches that are very difficult to overcome.

Let’s Go Outside

It is always better to get more oxygen so why not work out in the open or take a stroll down the park. Fresh air can often do your mind a world of good and distract any sort of tensions which may be plaguing you. The feel good endorphin will do your pains a lot of good.

Have Some Fish Oil

The omega fatty acids in fish oils will help reduce pains because of it’s highly anti inflammatory effect on blood cells which often pinch onto our nerves to create headaches. Just take some oral supplements or mix the actual oil in cold orange juice. This will give an instant relief and it will keep your migraines under check.

Fish Oil

Avoid MSG Flavored Foods

Monosodium glutamate is a flavor enhancer derived from a protein called glutamic acid. These are triggers for migraine attacks which excites our neurons to the extent of creating crazy headaches. So try and avoid any type of Chinese processed or fast foods including soup mixes and soy based foods.

Chew On Ginger Root

When researched upon the various causes of headaches it was discovered that the body can create a process of prostaglandin synthesis. This means that the body creates fatty compounds in the cells that helps with inflammation and send pain signals to our minds. These can be off set naturally by chewing upon a brew of ginger root tea in water. Sip on it slowly and feel your nerves calming down considerably.

Ginger Root

Peppermint Essential Oil

Massage some peppermint oil diluted in a carrier oil of your choice on to your temples to ease out the pain and discomfort that is attributed to the headache. The aroma will help soothe the nerves and help calm down the anxiety levels in a body. Relax and lie down for some much needed rest and let the oils take care of the rest.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Say No To Chocolate

Quite simply put, chocolates are full of caffeine which is a major trigger food for migraine attacks. So there is no question of moderation in this remedy.

Eat Right Vitamins

Niacin or Vitamin B3 opens up the blood vessels in our bodies- right to its capillaries. This increases the blood flow and induces nerve pressure due to the increased blood flow. So avoid this vitamin in excess to avoid headaches in general. Take medical help if needed.

Eat Right Vitamins

Chew Up Carom Seeds

Take a spoon full of carom seeds or ajwain along with some black salt and chew it up thoroughly before eating it. This is a fool proof solution to food based headaches or gastric induced headaches.

Carom Seeds

Drink Water

A dehydrated body will also lead to a pounding headache. Drinking water is essential and it can’t be covered by the numerous cups of beverages and sugary drinks. Alcohol will make things even worse with the most dreaded hangover headaches the morning after. So drink water the moment you feel like the headache is inevitable. Keep sipping throughout the day and you will see a marked improvement.

Drink Water

Sometimes things don’t have to be too complicated to cure your problems. Try out these simple remedies and be benefited yourselves.