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3 Effective Methods To Treat Acne With Rose Water

Don’t we all just hate it when we wake up one fine morning and see those nasty bumps on our face ? Of course we do. We do everything to get rid of it . From various creams, ointments, packs and many other home remedies. Have you ever head rose water can help you to get rid of your acne ? Yes It can. Rose water can be used for all skin types let it be oil, dry or combination. Even sensitive skin girls can also use rose water. Rose water helps to Balance the PH level of the skin and it also helps to unclog pores. It is perfect rejuvenating agent when sprayed on dull and tired skin. It also contains anti bacterial and mild cleansing properties. Hence it is very beneficial when comes to treating acne. Here we are listing down the 3 methods through which you will be able to get acne free spotless and beautiful skin with rose water. Lets have a look.

Nowadays you will find many brands in the market for Rose water. But We can also prepare the rose water at home which is a very easy process. You would need to pluck off few red roses and wash it properly to remove the dirt if any. Take a broad pan and put those red rose petals in it and add some pure water to cover them . Keep the flame low and let it boil for sometime . Now cover the pot with a lid and let it simmer for at least 30 minutes. Now strain the water and transfer it to a bottle and put it in a refrigerator. Your homemade rose water is ready. Now lets move to remedies which you would need to treat acne.

Here Are Some Effective Methods To Treat Acne With Rose Water:

1. Lemon And Rose Water

Mix Equal amount of Lemon Juice and Rose Water. Dip a cotton ball in it and apply it over affected area. Let it sit for 10 minutes and wash it off with water. Pat dry and follow up with a oil free moisturizer. Rose water helps to clam the skin. It even helps treat the redness. Its anti inflammatory properties help to reduce the pimple size. Lemon contains citric acid it helps to exfoliate dead skin cells. Follow this remedy daily to get best result.

Lemon & Rose Water

2. Turmeric And Rose Water

You would need to use fresh Turmeric Stick to prepare this pack. Grind this fresh turmeric stick with Rose Water to make a thick paste. Apply this mixture on the affected area and keep it for half an hour. Wash off with warm water and follow up with your regular moisturizer. You would need to follow this remedy daily to get best results. Turmeric is known to contain anti septic properties which helps to kill the bacteria. Hence it helps to reduce the pimple and also get rid of acne scars.

Turmeric & Rose Water

3. Cinnamon And Rose Water

Cinnamon helps to dry out the pimples and also helps to bring the oxygen and blood to skin surface. It also helps to unclog the pores & removes the excess oil from the skin. Grind Cinnamon into a fine powder and mix it with a rose water . Mix it well and form a thick paste. Apply it on the affected area and keep it for 15 minutes. Wash off with cold water and follow up with oil free moisturizer. Follow this remedy thrice in a week for best results.

Cinnamon And Rose Water