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3 Excellent Home Made Infusions That Promote Digestion

Home Made Infusions That Promote Digestion

Do you ever try home made drinks that promote digestion? If the answer is negative then try it now. These home made drinks are ideal for treating the issues of indigestion. It helps you in digesting foods and also increases your appetite.

Mint and Cumin Drink:

Mint juice is good for your digestive system so this is an excellent drink which improves your digestion. Powdered black salt, blck pepper and roasted cumin powder are also superb for treating digestion problems where as improving the taste of the drink.


Mint leaves 10 to 12, Roasted cumin powder 1 tea spoon other wise you can use “Jaljeera” to prepare the drink, powdered black salt.


First make juices from the mint leaves. Now take two glasses of ice cold water and mix this juice with the water. Also mix roasted cumin powder and salt to taste. Stir the drink well and serve.

Mint and Cumin Drink

Lemon Orange Surprise:

Lemon is good for treating the issues of indigestion and helps in digesting foods. Try this lemony drink especially your Sunday lunch for a surprise to your family. The children of your family will surely like the taste of this drink..


Orange Juice and Lime Juice of same amount each, Sugar 4 tea spoons, Ice Cubes, Soda Water 1 cup.

Method :

Mix two types of juices together and add with same quantity of plain water. Add ice cubes and sugar according to your taste. Now pour soda water in the glass and then add this mixture. Your favorite digestive drink Lemon Orange Surprise is ready to drink.

Lemon Orange Surprise

Melon Soother:

Melon is a great fruit which contains lots of mineral salt in to it. Try this refreshing drink which contains roasted spice powder which also improves your digestion.


Melon 2 cup (diced in a small piece), Roasted Coriander Powder and cumin powder ½ tea spoons each or you can use “Jaljeera”, Powdered black salt a little for taste.


Remove all the seeds from the pieces of melon and cut them in to small pieces. Now pour these pieces in a mixer. Also pour salt and sugar according to taste in to it. Pour the drink in to the glasses and sprinkle the roasted spice powder on the top. Melony Soother is ready to serve.

Melon Soother