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3 Tasty Salads That Will Help You Lose Weight

Tasty Salads That Will Help You Lose Weight

Salads are one of the healthy foods for us we ever have as it contains all the healthy fresh food items, no preservatives and no extra spices or oils. This healthy food item helps you in loosing weight without skipping your meals or dieting. By consuming these healthy salads you will get the proper nutrition and energy for your body.

But salads are usually very boring and not so great in taste. Because of this reason we usually refuse to eat salad. But salad may be tasty too and you will want to eat it more. These tasty salads work on your digestive systems and help you in loosing weight without dieting. Moreover these salads are done with the simple ingredients of your kitchen and very easy to prepare in few minutes. So, try these healthy salads in your kitchen today.

Black pepper salad is a great salad which helps you in losing your weight. It contains raw carrots, cucumber and tomatoes which effectively looses your weight in a healthy way. Cucumber is good for your digestive system and it is used in an unique way in this superb salad. This is a very easy recipe which is done with simple ingredients of your kitchen.

Black Pepper Salad:


Grated Cucumber 1 cup, Black Pepper powder 1 tea spoon, Mint Leaves ½ tea spoon (chopped), Gelatin Powder 1 ½ tea spoons, salt according to taste, Sugar 2 tea spoon, Soybean Oil, 1 tea spoon, Lemon juice ½ tea spoon, Carrot 4 tea spoon (grated), Cucumber Slice 1 bowl (take one medium sized cucumber for it), Tomato Slice 1 bowl (Medium sized tomato), Water 1 cup.


Boil water in a deep pan. Then add salt, Gelatin powder, chopped mint leaves, sugar and black pepper powder with this boiling water. Stir it till the salt and sugar gets completely melted in water. Then add grated cucumber mixture in to the pan. Pour it in a bowl and allow it to cool. When it came in to normal temperature then put it in the refrigerator. Then take a small bowl and pour oil, sugar, lemon juice, salt and black pepper powder in to it to make a mixture.

Now garnish a plate with sliced cucumber and tomato. Pour the mould of cucumber in the center of this plate and pour the black pepper mixture over it. Sprinkle chopped carrots and mint leaves on the top. Your black pepper salad is ready to serve. Try this unique Honey Lettuce Salad in your menu which actually helps you in loosing your weight. It is easy to prepare and can be done in minutes with simple ingredients of your kitchen. The both important ingredients of this salad is easily available and also good for your health.

Black Pepper Salad

Honey Lettuce Salad:


Olive oil ½ cup, Garlic 4 cloves, Bread 1 slice, Lemon juice according to taste, Honey 1 table spoon, salt to taste, black pepper powder ½ tea spoon, Ice burg lettuce(choose the medium sized one) half piece, Boiled Egg, Mayonnaise 2 table spoon(optional).


First unfold each of the lettuce leaves carefully, wash them with water thoroughly and remove water from lettuce. Now grind the garlic to make a paste. Take a glass bowl and pour olive oil, lemon juice, honey, garlic paste, salt in it. Mix all the ingredients together to prepare the salad dressing. Now mix black pepper powder and this salad dressing with the lettuce leaves gently. If you want you can add mayonnaise at this stage, but it is completely optional. Serve it in a bowl and garnish it with sliced boiled egg.

Chicken Salad is a traditional salad with a special touch. It completes your hunger and effectively reduces your weight as low fat ingredients are used in this recipe. This is a very easy recipe and can be done in few minutes.

Honey Lettuce Salad

Chicken Salad:


Chicken breast 1, Celery ¼ cup, Lemon juice 1 table spoon, Onion ½ tea spoon (chopped), black pepper powder to taste, low fat mayonnaise 3 table spoons.


Bake the chicken breast in microwave with full power mode till it goes soft. Then cut it into cube shaped pieces. Allow to cool and then put them in to refrigerator. Now take a bowl and pour low fat mayonnaise, lemon juice, chopped onion, black pepper powder and celery in it. Mix all these ingredients to get a mixture of salad dressing. Noow take out the boiled chicken cubes from your refrigerator and mix them with this salad dressing. Now your chicken salad is ready to serve.

Chicken Salad