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3 Ways To Detoxify Your Body With Chlorophyll

3 Ways To Detoxify Your Body With Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is not only essential for the survival of plants. It also plays an important role in maintaining the optimal health of humans. When we eat the chlorophyll rich green leafy vegetables, chlorophyll on entering our digestive system helps in detoxifying our body. Through various mechanisms, chlorophyll helps in detoxification. It helps in stimulating production of detoxification enzymes in the liver that are involved in the phase II detoxification process. When chlorophyll passes into the bloodstream, it absorbs toxins especially dioxins that are responsible for a number of health disorders.

Here Are 3 Ways To Detoxify Your Body With Chlorophyll

Method I – Green Juice

The simplest way to detox with chlorophyll is to drink a glass of green juice daily. The homemade green juice is an affordable alternative to the expensive liquid chlorophyll available in the health food stores. To detox with green juice, you will need a variety of green leafy vegetables. The greener the leaf, the better is it for making your chlorophyll rich green juice.

Green Juice

How To Make

Thoroughly wash the leafy vegetables so that no trace of dirt is present on the leaves. To protect your body from toxins, select organic vegetables. Chop the leafy vegetables and put them in a blender. Pour a cup of distilled water and blend until smooth. Strain the liquid. The green liquid is loaded with chlorophyll. Drink a cup of the liquid chlorophyll on empty stomach in the morning.

Method II – Chlorophyll Blood Tonic

In addition to the leafy greens, sprouts and peels of green vegetables are rich sources of chlorophyll. The chlorophyll tonic combines a number of chlorophyll rich sources. This tonic helps in purifying the blood. For this tonic, you will need two cups of chopped spinach, a cup of parsley leaves, 8 dandelion leaves, 5 celery stalks, one cup of alfalfa sprouts and one unpeeled cucumber.

Chlorophyll Blood Tonic

How To Make

Pass all the ingredients through a juicer. Add a teaspoon of lime juice to enhance the taste. Drink a glass of the chlorophyll tonic every day.

Method III – Chlorophyll Paste

To prepare chlorophyll paste you will need 80 grams of parsley or coriander leaves and six cups of distilled water.

Chlorophyll Paste

How To Make

Put the leaves in a blender and pour the water. Run the blender for a few minutes until you get a smooth green liquid. Strain the green liquid. Pour the liquid in a pan. On low heat, simmer the liquid. Keep on stirring. You will see green particles separating from the liquid. After the chlorophyll has completely separated from water, strain the water through a muslin cloth. Preserve the green particles. Take one to two tablespoons of chlorophyll daily.