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3 Ways To Use Banana Stem Juice For Treating Kidney Stone & Weight Loss

Ways To Use Banana Stem Juice For Treating Kidney Stone & Weight Loss

In Ayurveda banana stem juice is recommended for dissolving kidney stones and speeding up weight loss. Despite its name, banana stem is not the stem of the banana plant. It is actually the stalk of the banana flower. The juice extracted from the soft inner portion of the banana stem contains an array of nutrients that can help with various health problems. It is especially rich in fibers, vitamin B6 and potassium.

The diuretic effect of banana juice helps in flushing out calcium crystals from the kidneys that helps in inhibiting formation of kidney stones. Herbalists recommend drinking a cup of banana stem juice daily in the morning on empty stomach to dissolve the kidney stones. Furthermore, by drinking banana stem juice you will feel full for several hours. Including banana stem juice in your diet helps in controlling hunger and reduces calorie intake. For overweight people, it helps in losing weight.

For Dissolving Kidney Stones And Weight Management, You Can Take Banana Stem Juice In The Following Ways.

1. Banana Stem Juice With Lime

The banana stem juice and lime juice mixture is an excellent remedy for kidney stones. Lime contains citric acid, which helps in boosting the citrate concentration in the urine that helps in inhibiting formation of calcium stones in the kidneys. The citric acid combines with potassium present in banana stem juice to form potassium citrate, which is a proven remedy for renal stones.

How To Make

For this remedy for kidney stones, you will need a cup of chopped banana stem, juice of half a lemon, a cup of water and a pinch of salt. Soak the chopped banana stem for about an hour in water. Put the banana stem along with the water in a blender and blend to extract the juice. Strain the liquid and add the lemon juice and pinch of salt.

Banana Stem Juice With Lime

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2. Banana Stem Juice With Cardamom

Cardamom helps in relaxing the bladder and urethral muscles, which helps in easing urination that assists in expelling the calcium crystals from the kidneys. Moreover, cardamom also helps in reducing pain caused by kidney stones. Combining cardamom with banana stem juice is considered an effective remedy for kidney stones.

How To Make

Ground one gram of cardamom seeds and add the ground seeds to 10 ml of fresh banana stem juice. Take this drink twice a day, at least 10 minutes before a meal.

Banana Stem Juice With Cardamom

3. Banana Stem Juice With Yogurt and Cumin

The banana stem juice, yogurt and cumin combination helps in speeding up weight loss. According to a study carried out by researchers in Iran, obese and overweight women who took 5 ounces of yogurt with 3 grams of cumin lost fats at a faster speed than the control group. Cumin contains phytoesterols that blocks cholesterol absorption in the gut. Studies have also confirmed the effectiveness of dairy calcium found in yogurt in losing weight. However, if you are suffering from kidney stones, to lose weight fast, avoid yogurt or add less yogurt in the recipe.

How To Make

Put ½-cup of banana stem that had been soaked for an hour in a cup of water, two tablespoons of yogurt, one teaspoon of ground cumin seeds and a cup of water in a blender. Blend the ingredients well.

Banana Stem Juice With Yogurt and Cumin