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3 Best Ways To Use Clay For Body Detox

Ways To Use Clay For Body Detox

Digestive wastes are not the sole source of toxins in our body. The chemical processes that occur inside our body produce a large amount of harmful byproducts. Furthermore, toxins enter our body through the air we breathe. Although our body is programmed to eliminate these impurities, often our unhealthy eating habits, rise in environmental pollution and even illnesses rapidly increase the load of toxic substances in our body at a faster speed. Too much toxin in the body weakens the immune system, slows metabolism and causes joint pain, fatigue, acidity and various other health problems. In alternative medicines, clay is recommended for detoxifying the body.

Clay attracts heavy metals such as lead, mercury, benzene and cadmium. It binds with the heavy metal ions and eliminates them from the body. Furthermore, the food grade clay contains a variety of minerals that help in restoring the optimal health and boosts the natural detoxification mechanism of the body.

To Detox Your Body, Use Clay In The Following Ways

Clay Water

Clay water has been used for centuries in the traditional medicines to heal ailments. For detoxification, food grade bentonite clay is usually used. It comprises of volcanic ash. Pure bentonite clay is cream or grey in color.  When taken internally it absorbs impurities and heavy metals and kills parasites, which are then flushed out of the body through the feces.

How To Take

Add a teaspoon of good quality food grade clay in a glass of water and stir well with a spoon. Remove the spoon and cover the glass. Keep the glass aside, at least for 30 minutes or overnight for best result. The clay swells when it is mixed with water, which helps in activating the charged particles present in clay. Drink the clay water on empty stomach early in the morning. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. You can take clay water daily for up to three weeks.

Clay Water

Detox Clay Foot Mask

Clay foot mask is an effective and safe way to detoxify the body. The charged particles of clay help in drawing out toxic materials that carry opposite charges from the body through the feet. Furthermore, it helps in stimulating the reflexology points on the feet that helps in improving the quality of your health.

How To Make

Make a smooth paste by blending three tablespoons of bentonite clay with equal amount of filtered water. Cover your feet including the ankles with the clay paste. Leave the clay mask on your feet for 30 minutes. Drink two to three glasses of water to facilitate the cleansing process. Wash off the clay with warm water.

Detox Clay Foot Mask

Detox Clay Bath

A clay bath is another excellent option for full body detox. The negative electrons present in clay attract the positively charged electrons of the toxic substances that help in drawing out the toxins through the skin. Detox clay bath is especially beneficial for the skin health.

How To Prepare

Mix one to four cups of clay with equal amount of water. Cover your body with the wet clay. Sit in the warm bath for 10 to 15 minutes. Wash off the clay with warm water. Before the bath, drink a glass of water and drink another glass of water after finishing the bath.

Detox Clay Bath