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3 Ways To Use Iodine To Promote Hair Growth

Ways To Use Iodine To Promote Hair Growth

A number of vitamins and minerals work collectively to stimulate hair growth. Deficiency of even any one of these micronutrients will slow down hair growth and may even cause hair loss. Iodine is one of those micronutrients essential for hair growth. It works through various mechanisms to maintain normal hair growth. However, iodine deficiency is often an overlooked cause of hair loss.

Historically, it was the sheep farmers who first discovered the association between iodine and hair growth. They found that sheep fed on plants that grew on iodine deficient soil produced poor quality wool. According to a study published in the Indian Journal of Dermatology and Venereology and Leprology, iodine when used topically helps in stimulating hair re-growth in children suffering from alopecia areata.

To Improve Hair Growth, You Can Use Iodine In The Following Ways

1. White Iodine

Topical application of white iodine on the scalp is a proven remedy for hair loss. When hair loss is associated with iodine deficiency, topical iodine serves as a source of the micronutrient. Iodine penetrates the scalp and enters the blood stream, thereby elevating the iodine level in the blood. Topical iodine also works as an antiseptic agent. Fungal overgrowth on the scalp is one of the leading causes of excessive hair loss that can be treated with white iodine.

How To Use

After washing your hair, on clean and dry scalp dab white iodine, especially on the areas where hair has fallen off the scalp, twice a day. Gently massage your scalp to improve absorption. If applying iodine directly to the scalp causes irritation, dilute white iodine with a small amount of water. With regular use, new hair will start appearing on the scalp within six to eight weeks.

White Iodine

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2. Iodine With Shampoo

To stimulate hair growth, add iodine to your regular shampoo. Washing the scalp and hair with the shampoo containing added iodine is especially effective in treating itchy scalp. The anti-fungal property of iodine helps in stopping hair fall caused by fungal infection of the scalp.

How To Use

Dissolve one tablespoon of powdered borax in one quart of warm water. Combine the borax water with your regular shampoo in equal proportions. For each ounce of the shampoo and borax water mixture add 2 to 3 drops of white iodine. Wash your hair with the shampoo and iodine mixture.

Iodine with Shampoo

3. Eat Iodine Rich Foods

You can easily stop hair loss and improve hair growth by eating iodine rich foods. Your body can easily utilize iodine from the dietary sources. Eating iodine rich foods does not cause any adverse side effect. The best sources of iodine are dried seaweed, egg, navy beans, fish, yogurt and dairy.

Eat Iodine Rich Foods