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3 Wheat Germ Oil Beauty Recipes You Should Try Today

Today We would be discussing about Wheat Germ Oil. Essential oils have become most important part of our beauty regimen now days. Let it be any skin concern or hair concern essential oils have always proven themselves. Today we are going to talk about one magical oil i.e. Wheat Germ Oil. Wheat germ oil is the rich source of Vitamin E which very essential in maintaining the healthy skin and hair. Due to its anti oxidant properties it also helps to neutralize the free radicals which causes the external damage such as premature wrinkles and fine lines. Hence it is one of the widely used ingredient in anti ageing products. It also helps in skin cell regeneration.

Here We Are Listing Down Few Beauty Recipes Which You Can Prepare With Wheat Germ Oil:

1. Facial Massage Gel

As we just discussed how wheat germs help to prevent the skin from daily wear and tear. Hence to use it for anti ageing purpose we are going to prepare a facial massage gel which you can use to work on premature wrinkles and fine lines. To prepare this gel we would need two tablespoons of Aloe Vera gel, few drops of Almond oil, Few drops of Wheat germ oil and One Vitamin E Capsule. Mix all the ingredients and store in a container. Use this facial gel to massage your skin for up to 10 minutes You can use this massage gel twice in a week. This gel is suitable for all types of skin. Since it contains oils as well it may take time to get absorb into your skin. You can also steam your face before the massage session to help the nutrients absorb well in the skin.

Facial Massage Gel

2. Lip Balm

This is a very simple recipe. We would need Wheat germ oil, Almond oil, Petroleum Jelly and Vitamin E Capsule.To start we would prepare a double boiler to melt the petroleum jelly. We would take a pan filled with water and let it boil. Now put a bowl in it which contains petroleum jelly and let it melt. Once it starts melting, we would add few drops of almond oil and wheat germ oil. Now we would also puncture the vitamin e capsule and add the oil into the mixture. Mix it well. Now store this mixture into small container and keep it in the fridge. Your Lip Balm is ready. Since it contains all natural oils it helps to cure the dry and chapped lips effectively. You can use it as a night treatment for your lips.

Lip Balm

3. Hair Oil For Hair Fall

Wheat Germ Oil helps to control the hair fall also. Lets get to know the recipe. You would need Wheat germ oil, Vitamin E capsules, Coconut oil and Almond oil. Add 10 to 15 drops of wheatgerm oil and almond oil to one cup of coconut oil along with vitamin E capsule. Mix all ingredients well and store in the bottle. Just warm the oil a bit before the application since it helps in better penetration into the scalp and also improves the blood circulation. Wheat germ oil along with the goodness of other oils helps to nourish the scalp and hair follicles. Hence controls the hair fall and promote the healthy hair growth.

Hair Oil

Hope you liked these recipes. If you have more wheat germ oil recipes do share with us.